Dr. Oz


I Don't Buy What Dr. Oz Is Trying to Sell

Dr. Oz, "America's Doctor," burns my biscuits. Recently, he and homeopath Bryce Wylde offered up what they consider to be the next revolutionary anti-aging super-food: red palm fruit oil. Red palm oil does look like a promising dietary supplement, but the miraculous anti-aging promises by Oz and Wylde never materialize in the data. We just don't have the evidence yet.

Cleanses, Diets and Mixed Messages

Is cleansing a great, or even necessary, way to eliminate environmental toxins in this dirty day and age? Or is it a quick, possibly detrimental, weight loss gimmick that rarely maintains results? There's no secret to how one becomes this ambivalent. There is so much conflicting advice out there.

Arsenic In Apple Juice?

Arsenic in apple juice! Fed to babies! And it probably came from China! Television's Dr. Mehmet Oz is under fire from the FDA and others for sounding what they say is a false alarm about the dangers o...