Federal Prison In Lockdown

DRUMHELLER, Alta. - A federal prison in southern Alberta is in lockdown after an inmate was caught trying to escape.The Correctional Service of Canada says the man suffered minor cuts Sunday when he w...

Our Flood, Our Story

The Alberta floods have washed away homes, lives, hopes and dreams. They came quickly and did away with places we loved, mementos and our sense of safety. But just as quickly, neighbours came to the rescue and strangers became life savers.
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20 Best Places To Travel In Canada In 2013

Go east. That's the advice from Vacay.ca writers, editors and photographers who selected the 20 Best Places to Travel in Canada in 2013. Six entries, including four in the top 10, are east of Quebec. Ontario led all provinces with four destinations on the list, while British Columbia, Alberta, and Newfoundland and Labrador notched three spots each.

Huge Dinosaur Fossil In Alberta

A dinosaur dig team has unearthed the skeleton of a massive triple-horned triceratops just east of Drumheller, Alta. Palaeontologists took 12 long days unearthing the 2,000-kilogram — or 4,460-pound...