Early Detection


Early Detection for Mental Illness Is a Must

Through proper medical care, attentive support systems, regimented medication reviews and more importantly, early detection of mental illnesses and relapses targeted at children and families, mental illness can minimally affect the lives of everyone it touches. This shouldn't be of surprise and yet, it will be

Mammograms Hurt, But Could Save Your Life

Just three years ago, my best friend was bugging me to have a mammogram. I kept putting it off because I thought that was something for older women and I felt great. But when I did go and the technician asked me to come back in for another picture, I became nauseous, and all of a sudden I realized that I was vulnerable just like every other woman. What they found was not cancerous, but early detection is the key to survival. Make an appointment to get your breasts examined. It could save your life.