Eating On The Road


11 Nutrition Pros on What They Eat on the Go

There are certain things that are welcomed to enjoy in moderation. More fall more into the 'never ever' category. Fast food, diet sodas, and anything comprised of GMO and/or chemistry experiments is part of that. I asked my own UnDiet community of leading nutritionists, health experts, doctors, best selling authors what they would choose as their go-to fast food options.
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How to Eat Right With a Hectic Schedule

I travel a lot, both professionally and personally, and although it is definitely more challenging to eat healthy on the road, it is far from impossible. At the end of the day it comes down to what is more important for you: your unique health and lifestyle goals, or saving a few minutes and just taking what society lays out for you. Here are some tips to help you execute your nutritional plan, regardless of your schedule.

Foodies: the Puddle of Mudd of the Culinary World

Much in the way Nirvana begat Puddle of Mudd, the top chefs of the food renaissance have brought with them a new sub-group of preening, self-important windbags. I'm referring, of course, to people who call themselves "foodies." "Foodies" are people who feel the need to distinguish themselves from the rest of us who eat food. It all just makes me crave a Big Mac combo.