Eaton Centre Shooting

Eaton Centre Gunman Sentenced To Life

CP | Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.16.2015 | Canada

TORONTO - A man who gunned down two people in a crowded downtown food court was sentenced Thursday to at least 30 years behind bars — an unprecedent...

Eaton Centre Shooter Learns Verdict

CBC | Posted 02.16.2015 | Canada

Christopher Husbands has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2012 shooting at the busy Toronto Eaton Centre food court. A jury delivere...

Mall Shooter Admits Multiple Bail Breaches

CP | Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.16.2015 | Canada

TORONTO - The man accused of a terrifying, deadly attack in a crowded downtown mall concocted a story about living in terror as a way to justify what ...

Eaton Centre Shooting Suspect Faces Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 11.26.2014 | Canada

The families of two men killed in a 2012 shooting at Toronto's Eaton Centre have sued the suspect for several million dollars, according to local medi...

'There's a Guy Driving Down Queen Street West, Pointing a Gun at People'

Christian Cotroneo | Posted 02.02.2014 | Canada
Christian Cotroneo

The sound of a man yelling erupted from the street. He was in a spotless Volkswagen Jetta, braying at oncoming drivers -- with the black barrel of a handgun resting on the driver's side window. I couldn't quite make out the faces of the drivers who took turns, with rather acute discomfort, as his target.

We Know the Solution to Gun Violence

David R. Miller | Posted 08.14.2013 | Canada
David R. Miller

I've been to too many funerals of young murder victims and held too many grieving mothers, fathers and friends to fail to do everything I can about gun violence. I have been, and continue to be, a passionate advocate for changes that can greatly reduce gun violence in this province -- and across Canada.

Change My Mind: Can Government Solve Toronto's Gun Violence Problem?

Marni Soupcoff | Posted 05.19.2013 | Canada Politics
Marni Soupcoff

Barely a day goes by in Toronto, or any large city, without some reminder of the pain and damage caused by gun violence. While most agree it's a serious issue, the best way to address it remains a topic of considerable debate. Do we need more police? Better grass-roots community programs? Stricter gun control laws? In this latest installment of our popular series "Change My Mind," Huffpost asked two panelists from today's Direct Engagement Show "Putting the gunz down" town hall to debate the statement: Government can solve Toronto's gun violence problem.

Are We Too Comfortable With Gun Violence?

Saeed Selvam | Posted 04.22.2013 | Canada
Saeed Selvam

In February alone Toronto lost two more 15 year olds -- one, just this last Sunday. The apathetic, believe that acts of violence are so far removed that they're irrelevant, only the concern of certain ethnic communities or completely unsolvable all together. Time to start caring again.

Does Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Have a White Saviour Complex?

Anthony Morgan | Posted 11.18.2012 | Canada Politics
Anthony Morgan

On a recent radio segment, Doug Ford boldly proclaimed, "There's no one that helps black youth more than Rob Ford," followed by, "These are kids who have nothing." If Mayor Ford really does hold the view that the black youths he helps have "nothing" without his football program, he is only furthering the sentiment that no matter how hard black people and communities work, they still have "nothing" if their hard work and perseverance is not supported by a white saviour.

Our Greatest Person: Lekan Olawoye

Jacqueline Delange | Posted 08.28.2012 | Canada Impact

“This is crazy,” Lekan Olawoye thought when he received a call saying four friends fell prey to gun violence one day during his high school years....

Still Not Safe: Expert

CBC | Posted 10.01.2012 | Canada

A security consultant who worked at the Eaton Centre during the 1990s says the mall appears to have changed little since June's fatal shooting. ...

When Bullets Fly, Follow The (Drug) Money

Vac Verikaitis | Posted 09.17.2012 | Canada
Vac Verikaitis

The mainstream media outlets can trot out their sociologists and university professors and talk about programs for at-risk youth and gun control and disintegration of the nuclear family but the indelible image of grieving families, usually black and poor, are what stand out. And no amount of social programs or government money is going to stop it.

Gun Wars And Alienated Youth?

CP | Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | Posted 09.16.2012 | Canada

TORONTO - Recent high-profile shootings in Toronto should prompt authorities at all levels to do more than crack down on gun-toting thugs, experts sai...

Getachew Gets a Bite of a Rhodes Scholar's Noodle

Samuel Getachew | Posted 09.02.2012 | Canada
Samuel Getachew

In 2007, Kofi Hope was made a Rhodes Scholar. This year, he returned to Toronto with a newly minted PhD from Oxford. He reflects on the latest tragedy at the Eaton Centre as well as looks at potential solutions to help curb what is becoming an often occurrence in the GTA.

Eaton Centre Shooting Suspect Faces 2nd Murder Charge

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 08.13.2012 | Canada

TORONTO - The man accused in a shooting rampage at Toronto's Eaton Centre appeared in court Wednesday to face a second murder charge.Christopher Husba...

Second Victim Dies After Eaton Centre Shooting

CBC | Posted 08.11.2012 | Canada

A man has succumbed to injuries he suffered during the deadly food court shooting that took place in Toronto's Eaton Centre on June 2. Tor...

13-Year-Old Shot In Head At Eaton Centre Released From Hospital

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 08.11.2012 | Canada

TORONTO - Police say another victim of the shooting at Toronto's downtown Eaton Centre has died.They identified the victim — the second person to di...

The Eaton Centre Shooting Doesn't Make Toronto Dangerous

Bernie Farber | Posted 08.07.2012 | Canada
Bernie Farber

The Eaton Centre shooting this past weekend is not the first time Toronto has been faced with such angst. Yet despite the latest violent outburst, our city remains a safe place. We're very lucky to live in Toronto; in comparison to many other urban centres in North America, crime and violence rarely touch us.

A Refugee's Thoughts on the Eaton Centre Shooting

Samuel Getachew | Posted 08.07.2012 | Canada
Samuel Getachew

In the summer of 2005 -- dubbed by media "the summer of the gun" -- a delegation was chosen to meet with then prime minister Paul Martin. There was an urgent need to address and eradicate gun violence. Among the leaders chosen to meet with Martin was a one-time refugee from Eritrea.

The Man Who Helped A Dying Christopher Husbands | Posted 08.06.2012 | Canada

Slowing the car to a crawl, Irvine peered out the car window as he pulled toward the figure on the street. There he saw a young man sprawled out on th...

Talking to Kids About Trauma

Alyson Schafer | Posted 08.06.2012 | Canada Living
Alyson Schafer

This weekend's shooting in the food court of the Toronto Eaton Centre has many children frightened for their safety. It also has parents wondering what best to do to ease their child's fears. Here are my five points for building your approach...

Funeral Held For Eaton Centre Shooting Victim

CBC | Posted 08.05.2012 | Canada

Family and friends gathered at a Toronto mosque on Tuesday to pay their final respects to Ahmed Hassan, the man who died after being shot in the Eaton...

Guns Don't Kill People -- Bad Policing Does

Peter Worthington | Posted 08.05.2012 | Canada
Peter Worthington

Depending on who you listen to, last weekend's shooting spree at Toronto's Eaton Centre was a sign of gun violence getting out of control, or an isolated "incident" in North America's safest large city. But the fact of the matter is there have been 134 shootings this year, and Toronto police still refuse to help the public by profiling the criminals.

Stabbing May Be Behind Eaton Centre Shooting

CBC | Posted 08.05.2012 | Canada

The man killed in the deadly Eaton Centre shooting in Toronto that left six other people wounded apparently stabbed the suspect three months ago, CBC ...

The Eaton Centre Shooting Was No Isolated Incident

Samuel Getachew | Posted 08.04.2012 | Canada
Samuel Getachew

In a world in which I am dying to be invisible, it is sad to note this one seems to be yet another black-on-black crime that takes one to the deadly summer of 2005 -- the "Summer of the Gun" where the number of shootings were very high, and the role of gangs in our streets. Is the incident at the Eaton Centre an isolated incident?