It's Not Easy Guarding Politicans

The video of plainclothes Quebec provincial police hustling premier-designate Pauline Marois from the stage in the middle of her election victory speech provided a rare glimpse of real security detail...

Sh*t Alberta Premiers Say

Albertans pride themselves on being straight-shooters -- why beat around the bush when you can cut to the chase? And, if you're a politician, the added bonus is that all your no-nonsense real talk can...

At Budget Time, the Poor Get Ignored

Cutting programs that help the poor may be politically expedient, but it is not morally right, and fiscally can have disastrous consequences. The commitment of poverty reduction is not seen from the current Alward government.

Tough Budget Choices For Redford

When Alberta Premier Alison Redford delivers her first budget in 2012, it won't be balanced, but she says it also won't be one her rivals can run on. "I'm quite sure that over the next two or three m...

Alberta's New Premier Sworn In

Alison Redford was sworn in Friday as the province's 14th premier in a ceremony at the Alberta legislature in Edmonton. Redford, 46, held the Bible that belonged to her grandmother, Robina Anderson,...