Egypt Election

Why Egypt Needs Space from Morsi

As Egypt's democratically elected president, one would hope that Mohamed Morsi would have a finger on the pulse of the Egyptian people. Unfortunately, he's looking more and more out of touch. An online campaign has begun, with typical good Egyptian humour, to nominate Morsi to win a trip to space -- a place where Egyptians hope he might gain some perspective on his role in Egypt's earthly troubles.

Of all the Egyptian Candidates, I Vote for the Sphinx

There is not one shred of evidence that any of the Egyptian parties or contenders has the remotest idea how to do what needs to be done. Like a dance of many veils in a Cairo nightclub, the prim vestments of democratization in the land of the Pharaohs have been steadily stripped off to reveal scars and musculature not at all seemly as the contours of comely electoralism.