Elder Abuse


How to Recognize the Signs of Elder Abuse

It is not always easy to recognize elder abuse, particularly if you are the victim. Yet elder abuse is, unfortunately, prevalent in our society. The good news is that there is increased awareness with respect to the existence of elder abuse and its many forms, and numerous resources available to help.
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I Don't Want Your Suicide On MY Conscience

There is a marked difference between making it possible to take one's own life and actively participating in it. Because we abhor suicide we have all kinds of programmes established to reach out to those who wish to take their own life. There is a cognitive dissonance at play when we now ask our own government, through legislation, to participate in ending life. And then to label it "health care" is Orwellian.

Tories And NDP ♥ Seniors

OTTAWA - Both the NDP and the Conservatives tabled separate bills Thursday aimed at improving the qualify of life for seniors.The NDP proposed legislation that would automatically register seniors for...

Tories' Next Tough-On-Crime Target

OTTAWA - The federal government is set to introduce tougher sentences for those convicted of elder abuse.The Canadian Press has learned that Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and seniors minister Alice W...