Canada Election

NDP Surge Grows Stronger, Poll Suggests

The Huffington Post Canada | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 06.26.2015 | Canada Politics

"Even in the expectation of victory, which tends to be a lagging measure, we see the NDP have caught up to the Conservatives."

Ex-PM Adviser Says Canada Needs HarperPAC

CP | Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.25.2015 | Canada Politics

Tom Flanagan ays the group known as HarperPAC will help counterbalance advertising efforts by other left-leaning organizations.

Parliament Ends With Bid To Ban Face Coverings At Citizenship Ceremonies

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 06.19.2015 | Canada Politics

Federal politicians are packing their bags as the House Of Commons adjourns for summer.

Leader Of The Pack For Now

CP | Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.19.2015 | Canada Politics

But there's a "danger" to take into consideration, warns one expert.

Elizabeth May Reveals Major Election Platform

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.15.2015 | Canada Politics

Green party Leader Elizabeth May is billing the major plank of her election platform as the surest means of virtually weaning Canada off carbon-based energy sources by the middle of the century.

Mayors Reveal What Will Make Canada More Competitive

CP | Rob Drinkwater, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.08.2015 | Canada Politics

Canada's municipal leaders have produced a platform they hope voters will use to rank parties in the upcoming federal election.

NDP Surge Getting Stronger, Poll Suggests

The Huffington Post Canada | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 06.05.2015 | Canada Politics

"Liberals should be very concerned. But the worst news here may be for the Conservatives."

Pollster Warns Of 'Massive Reset' When Election Called

CP | Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.28.2015 | Canada Politics

There's an orange ripple that's forcing Canadians to take a second-look at the NDP, pollsters say.

OMG the NDP Won! Now What??

Shekhar Parmar | Posted 05.06.2015 | Canada Alberta
Shekhar Parmar

In case you are wondering, I did not vote for the NDP this election. But what I saw on social media afterwards scared me and I wanted to address the arguments and tell you why we should remain optimistic about the future of our province.

Oct. 19 Byelections Called For Three Ridings

CP | Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.03.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Elections Canada has announced three federal byelections to fill vacant seats in the House of Commons — but the date set is the same for th...

Highlights From The 2015 Federal Budget

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 06.21.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Highlights of the 2015-16 federal budget introduced Tuesday by Finance Minister Joe Oliver:— The budget is balanced, with a projected surpl...

Althia Raj

CUPE Slams Campaign Encouraging Canadians To 'Vote Together' | Althia Raj | Posted 04.14.2015 | Canada Politics

CUPE's president says the union will support the NDP in the election.

Another Quebec Union Comes Out Against Tories

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 06.10.2015 | Canada Politics

MONTREAL - Quebec's second-largest labour federation will target the federal Conservatives in parts of Quebec and Ontario in this fall's election.Conf...

Ex-CBC Meteorologist To Run For Green Party Nod In B.C.

The Huffington Post B.C. | Andree Lau | Posted 04.07.2015 | Canada British Columbia

Claire Martin is familiar to viewers of "The National."

18 National Charities Speak Out Against CRA 'Chill'

CP | Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.04.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - As the country prepares for the next federal election, 18 national charities are seeking clearer rules about how much of a role their sector ...

5 Pre-Election Things To Keep An Eye On

CP | Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.28.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - The House of Commons resumed Monday following a five-week break and now enters its last scheduled sitting before the fixed federal election d...

2015 Election Projected To Be Much Pricier Than Last

CBC | Posted 03.15.2015 | Canada Politics

The price tag for this year's federal election is expected to spike by nearly a third, partly because of big changes to Canada's electoral m...

Election 'Barrier' For Aboriginal Voters

CBC | Posted 03.09.2015 | Canada Politics

Elections Canada has budgeted up to $1 million to help First Nations cope with new voter-identification rules that could make it harder for indigenous...

The App That Could Give Tories 'Maximum' Election Day Advantage

CBC | Posted 02.08.2015 | Canada Politics

A little-noticed provision in the Conservative government's controversial bid to rewrite Canada's election laws could boost usage of a mobil...

Why I Left the Conservatives To Run for the NDP

Ethan Rabidoux | Posted 02.07.2015 | Canada Politics
Ethan Rabidoux

Mark Twain once said 'Give a man the reputation of an early riser and that man can sleep until noon.' Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney are responsible for three quarters of the national debt. Harper alone has added $170 billion. The Liberals get the rest. How either one gets away with even pretending to be fiscally responsible baffles me. Both parties have slept in well past noon. It's time for a rude awakening.

Think of Toronto As Your Broadway Set For The Upcoming Municipal Elections

Shane Feldman | Posted 12.22.2014 | Canada Politics
Shane Feldman

The Producers are there to make sure that all the needs of every part of the show are met. If our stage is the City of Toronto, the Producers are our City Councillors. These are the individuals, who are chosen by you to be your voice and ensure your needs are met. They vow to work tirelessly to give you the opportunity to do your very best on the City of Toronto stage.

Premiers, Pumpkins, and a Bonus Soup Recipe

Shannon McClennan | Posted 12.17.2014 | Canada Alberta
Shannon McClennan

. Growing up, we've all heard the story of Cinderella, and how a pumpkin was transformed into a magnificent coach. But this is the first time I've heard of a premier turning into a pumpkin, or vice versa, as the case may be.

Canada's Opposition Is Playing Communications Catch Up

Matt Price | Posted 11.12.2014 | Canada Politics
Matt Price

If there's one thing that the Harper Conservatives are good at, it's message discipline. Sure, they have taken this to the extreme of muzzling everyone else they can, but you have to admit that they bring logic and consistency to all their communications. Less so Canada's opposition, which has some catching up to do.

'This Is The Final Stretch'

CP | Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press | Posted 11.11.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - A splashy, campaign-style launch for the government's fall agenda, a surprise tax cut for small business owners, a brand new NDP battle cry a...

Doug Ford, Thank You For The One Promise You Did Keep

John Mraz | Posted 09.28.2014 | Canada Politics
John Mraz

In 2012, referring to council, Doug Ford said: "I can't get anywhere with these monkeys." Was that a term of endearment? How can Mayor Ford expect to get anything done at City Hall when you use such language? Oh, that's right. Since then, he mostly hasn't. No need to answer. When you told the father of an autistic child who rightly and democratically challenged your views to "go to hell," what were you thinking?