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Elections BC Sides With Kinder Morgan

VANCOUVER - Elections BC says energy giant Kinder Morgan does not need to register as a third-party advertiser in the province's civic election campaign.A Vancouver-area member of Parliament asked Ele...

No Take Backs

VANCOUVER - The final count of ballots is now complete, and only one riding has changed hands in favour of the New Democratic Party since election night in British Columbia.After nearly three days of...
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The Final Countdown

The last stage of B.C.'s 40th general election is underway with the start of the final vote count — and there is the potential for election night results to be overturned. Six ridings saw close races...

Time to Talk About Proportional Representation Again, B.C.

British Columbians, both voters and politicians, who care about democracy need to start talking about electoral reform again. A minority of voters elected a B.C. Liberal majority government. Here's one way Legislature can one day be reflective of the people you see on the streets of every city, town and village across the province.
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'He Is The Man To Carry On'

British Columbia NDP Leader Adrian Dix has kept a low profile since conceding victory to the Liberals two days ago in a surprise end to the provincial election, but some members of his party are suppo...
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'I Felt Too Lazy'

VANCOUVER - This week's provincial election in British Columbia was the first chance 18-year-old Merwa Almalike had to vote since she became eligible almost a year ago.But like so many people her age,...

Those Robocalls Have To Stop

The B.C. Conservative Party has been ordered to stop election day robocalling by Elections B.C. Spokesperson Don Main says the calls went out the morning of May 14, which is a violation of the Electi...

Elections BC Should Keep Their Nose Out Of Politics

While the effect of Election BC's ad on next week's election remains debatable, one thing's clear. Its message echoes NDP and/or Green Party rhetoric, and therefore, counters the candidacy of many BC Liberal and/or Conservative candidates, particularly in ridings outside Vancouver. Anyone interested in democracy should be concerned about that.

Advance Voting On Now

British Columbians can cast their votes for the upcoming election starting today, with advanced voting stations open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. until May 11. - Elections BC introduces new ways to cast adv...

Would You Like A Ballot With That?

COMOX, B.C. - There are drive-thru coffee businesses and banking facilities and now voters can cast their ballots at drive-thru voting bays in Comox, B.C.For the first time in B.C., curbside voting wi...
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Elections BC Gears Up For Big Vote

VICTORIA - Provincial politicians are not the only ones readying for an election.More than two months before British Columbians go to the polls, the independent body that runs the massive ballot box p...

Secret Payouts For B.C. Politicians

The speaker of the B.C. Legislature admits a secret decision to provide severance to all MLAs who lose their seats because of recall petitions was probably not the best idea. In 2011, a secret bi-par...