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Complaints About Third Parties Skyrocketed During 2015 Federal Election

CP | Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.23.2017 | Canada Politics

The head of Canada Elections says it's time Parliament looked at the issue.

6 Electoral Reforms For A More Democratic B.C. Election

Alex Sangha | Posted 03.20.2017 | Canada British Columbia
Alex Sangha

There needs to be a direct connection from the citizens to the elected official without all these special interests trying to skew the outcome of the election or trying to influence the voting intentions and platforms of the candidates. The end result would be elected officials who would be truly independent and can vote with their conscious and what is best for the citizens and their community.

Trudeau's Broken Promise Could Lead To A Canadian Donald Trump

Colin Walmsley | Posted 02.15.2017 | Canada Politics
Colin Walmsley

If U.S. President Donald Trump's election south of the border has demonstrated anything, it's that the biggest political extremist threat comes not from small, radical parties on the fringes of political discourse, but from extremist politicians hijacking a major party and using its established legitimacy to validate their views.

Dealing With Trolls In A Donald Trump World

Jeff Paterson | Posted 01.24.2017 | Canada Living
Jeff Paterson

Back when the primaries kicked off, the trolls found a common hero in Trump. Someone on the outside the norm of the establishment, someone not taken seriously. Someone himself a master at getting reactions from making a single statement. I mean, that's the whole purpose of trolling, isn't it? Get people defensive and engage them to react with real emotions and sincerity.

Monsef Just Insulted The People Helping Liberals Keep Their Word

Althia Raj | Posted 12.02.2016 | Canada Politics
Althia Raj

Maryam Monsef showed no desire to hold a referendum, blaming the committee for not achieving consensus on the issue. She is moving ahead with the next phase of her outreach, she said, announcing the launch of a new consultation process -- in the middle of the holiday season.

How Trump Can Lose The Election Without Ever Admitting Defeat

Steven Shehori | Posted 08.08.2016 | Canada Politics
Steven Shehori

For what may be the first time ever, Trump is becoming cognizant of his campaign's mortality. Should Clinton clinch the election, she will, by obvious definition, be the winner. Which would make Trump the loser. And Trump. Doesn't. Lose. Ever.

Electoral Reform Is An Important Debate For This Country

Jerry Dias | Posted 06.29.2016 | Canada
Jerry Dias

Vote with your heart. Vote for the person in your area and the national party you believe will best address your biggest concerns. That is the ide...

A Real Feminist Wouldn't Oppose Gender Equity In Parliament

Kennedy Stewart | Posted 05.17.2017 | Canada Politics
Kennedy Stewart

One-off symbolic gestures such as appointing gender-balanced cabinets are not enough. Like the dozens of other countries ahead of us on the international gender equality league tables have discovered, the only way to move toward gender parity in parliament is to enact laws to prompt parties into action.

Why "The Donald's" Tuesday Night Speech Should Change Your Life

Mary Donohue | Posted 05.07.2017 | Canada Living
Mary Donohue

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump wins because he is a great communicator. And you can learn from that and apply it to your own life.

Dear B.C. NDP, Please Get Your S**t Together

Sarah Miller | Posted 04.13.2017 | Canada British Columbia
Sarah Miller

I have seen far too many supporters jump ship lately and the party that we know and love is fading into this mishmash of right and left policies, glazed over by a negative opposition tunnel vision that is getting us nowhere, fast. So please... listen to the people, build a strong platform and be the leaders this province so desperately needs.

B.C. Byelection Rules Restrict Freedom Of Expression

Vincent Gogolek | Posted 01.08.2017 | Canada British Columbia
Vincent Gogolek

Unbeknownst to many, a gag was put on free expression across British Columbia. When the B.C. government called the byelections in the districts of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, public communication about many important issues suddenly became "election advertising."

Why Turkey's Recent Election Is So Important

Ana Rodriguez | Posted 11.18.2016 | Canada Politics
Ana Rodriguez

Turkey held an election this past June and the AKP (remember, they've been in power since 2002) did not win a majority. Coalition talks were a bust, so a new election had to happen. It looked like Turkish voters were making a statement against Erdogan and his party in this election. But this time the AKP's I'm the strong man who can protect you message successfully swayed Turkish voters.

Growth On Horizon As Canada Enters Era Of Deficit Spending

Darren Sissons | Posted 11.04.2016 | Canada Politics
Darren Sissons

Spending one's way to growth is nothing new. What is new, and what is a first for almost any developed country is that Canada will be using both monetary and fiscal policy as a way to get the economy growing again at the expense of a balanced budget. For the economy as a whole, it is unequivocally good news.

When a Majority Is Not a Majority

Ehab Lotayef | Posted 10.23.2016 | Canada Politics
Ehab Lotayef

only 39 per cent of those who voted chose Liberal candidates. Four years ago the Conservatives took 39 per cent of the popular vote and were also a "majority." The "majority" before that was another Liberal one. The last time we had a real majority government in Canada was back in 1984 when the Mulroney Conservatives got 50.03 per cent of the popular vote.

Proof That Trudeau Won Because Strategic Voting Works

Ali Kashani | Posted 10.22.2016 | Canada Politics
Ali Kashani

Thirty per cent of Canadian voters (over 5 million) have little to no partisan attachment. By comparison, only eight per cent of U.S. voters swing their party support, and thus the elections. A large non-partisan voting bloc explains the 2015 shift from orange to red, where in a span of three weeks, 1.4 million voters changed their mind from NDP to Liberal. This provides the perfect environment for strategic voting to swing elections. After four years of a majority Conservative government elected against the will of 61 per cent of Canadians, strategic voters became a major voice in this election.

Liberals Dominate Metro Vancouver, Rest Of B.C. Remains Split

CP | Laura Kane and Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press | Posted 10.20.2015 | Canada British Columbia

"The rest of the province is going to feel unrepresented in a Trudeau government."

5 Ways Stephen Harper Left His Mark On Canada

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 10.19.2015 | Canada Politics

1. Honed the use of political advertising

NDP Hopes Dashed In Saskatchewan

CP | Jennifer Graham, The Canadian Press | Posted 10.20.2015 | Canada Alberta

The New Democrats managed to win three Saskatchewan seats Monday night.

'I Wouldn't Have Predicted This': Grits Make Big Gains In Manitoba

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 10.20.2015 | Canada Politics

"I have no idea why people voted the way they did," said Jim Carr, who took Winnipeg South Centre.

My First Federal Election as a Taxpayer

Caitlin McKay | Posted 10.19.2016 | Canada Politics
Caitlin McKay

When I was in university my political views were pretty straight forward. The school bubble made it easy to be passionate and lean one way on the political scale. Then I started paying taxes. Now I face my first federal election as a taxpayer and my views have shifted since the bubble burst.

I'm One of the 1.4 Million Canadian Citizens Who Can't Vote

Zoe Kevork | Posted 10.18.2016 | Canada Politics
Zoe Kevork

I live in a country now that has protected my right to vote. U.S. citizens around the world, regardless of how long they've been away, enjoy this inalienable right. The United States has pride and sense of obligation towards its citizens. I just wish Canada had the same feeling towards us as well. I

Who Should Arabs and Muslims Vote for?

Ehab Lotayef | Posted 10.17.2016 | Canada Politics
Ehab Lotayef

On Sept. 17 a group of prominent Arab and Muslim organizations from across Canada got together and sent a letter* to the leaders of the five main federal parties: Conservatives, NDP, Liberals, Bloc Quebecois and Green Party.

With All Their Tricks and Treats, How on Earth Do I Vote?

Robb Lucy | Posted 10.16.2016 | Canada Politics
Robb Lucy

I want the party and Prime Minister I vote for to show responsibility with how they spend our money; how they treat all classes of citizens and our environment; with how they paint a picture of the future they want to get to, and how I'm part of it.

We Can't Rely on Our Government to Solve Our Healthcare Crisis

Wynne Ma | Posted 10.16.2016 | Canada Politics
Wynne Ma

As the federal election approaches, I've been stunned by how little party leaders have discussed one critical issue -- healthcare. While the common assumption is that our healthcare is free in Canada, this is a huge misconception.

Why the Youth Vote Is Going Viral

The Council of Canadians | Posted 10.16.2016 | Canada Politics
The Council of Canadians

For nine years, we have lived under a Harper government -- the only government most of my generation has ever known. During this time, our leaders have ignored youth unemployment, climate change, and student debt. I almost didn't vote in the last election because I figured it wouldn't make a difference. I feel entirely different this time around.