Electronic Cigarettes

Martina Paraninfi via Getty Images

Governments Hate To Admit The Advantages Of Vaping

Since 2009, Health Canada has taken the position that e-cigarettes containing nicotine are illegal. But out on the streets, Health Canada is simply being ignored. There's a brisk trade in vaping supplies including nicotine. Much of the new legislation might be found unconstitutional if challenged in the courts. Nicotine addicts who still use tobacco as a delivery method are suffering harm to their health that now appears to be quite unnecessary.

Before You Puff an E-Cigarette, Read This

E-cigarettes are being used as a stop smoking aid, but they could be delivering more nicotine than you bargained for, along with other unknown substances. Some liquids have been reported to contain formaldehyde and other toxins or carcinogens. That doesn't mean don't use e-cigs; it means, don't use them blindly.