Will Town's Vote Affect Pipeline Fate?

KITIMAT, B.C. - The District of Kitimat, a key hub for the proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline, will hold a plebiscite to gauge support for the development that is sure to dramatically change the c...

Enbridge's Big Wind Power Play

CALGARY - Enbridge Inc.has announced a deal to invest US$200 million in a 110-megawatt wind project in Texas.The Keechi Wind Project is being built with Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc., a Color...

He's Not Pleased With Strahl

OTTAWA - The NDP is criticizing spy watchdog Chuck Strahl for registering to lobby on behalf of Northern Gateway Pipelines.As the federally appointed chairman of the Security Intelligence Review Commi...

Pipeline Alternative: Oil Via Rail?

VANCOUVER - A task force report has been handed in to the British Columbia and Alberta governments that examines the idea of transporting oilsands' crude via rail if proposed pipelines don't get the g...

A Northern Gateway to Conflict

The federal government might wish to consider the message it would send if it failed to uphold Enbridge's right to conduct lawful business in Canada, as approved by the National Energy Board, after extensive consultation and public involvement.

B.C. Isn't Properly Prepared For A Bitumen Spill

Premier Christy Clark set out five conditions for pipeline development in British Columbia. The Premier has been firm on these conditions and has repeated many times that pipeline projects will not be allowed in British Columbia if her conditions are not met. So, why is Kinder Morgan dilbit currently being transported through the Salish Sea? And why hasn't the provincial government stepped in to stop it?

Pipeline Opponents Wage War

VANCOUVER - Opponents of Northern Gateway said Friday that the war against the pipeline will now be waged against the federal government, which will decide the project's fate after a federal review pa...

Northern Gateway: Politicians Weigh In

Here is a look at what some political, business and environmental groups had to say after a federal review panel recommended that the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project go ahead, with conditio...

Enbridge Pipeline Decision Comes Today

CALGARY - A review panel has given its blessing to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline that would carry bitumen from Alberta's oilsands to tankers on the West Coast, but opponents warn their battle...

Northern Gateway Review Coming

VANCOUVER - A federal-review-panel report on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will be released this week, following more than a year of hearings throughout B.C. and Alberta.The highly anticipate...
Emma Pullman

Thanks to Harper, I Recently Apologized For Being Canadian

In addition to the Keystone XL which would increase total capacity of the pipeline to 1.1 million barrels of diluted bitumen per day, Enbridge filed plans to Monday to build the $2.6B Sandpiper pipeline project across northern Minnesota. If approved, the project will move 225,000 barrels per day of unconventional oil to Minnesota, and 375,000 barrels to Wisconsin.

This Thing Just Got More Expensive

CALGARY - The CEO of Enbridge Inc. says he sees momentum shifting in favour of his company's controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, with an agreement between Alberta and British Columbia on West Coa...

Let's Make A Deal.. To Make A Deal

British Columbia has agreed it will keep its hands out of Alberta's pockets where oil pipeline royalties are concerned with an agreement that removes the prospect of the neighbouring province holding...

Enbridge Is No Friend Of Whales

Janet loves the orcas. At least that's what Enbridge would've had us believe in their now aborted Northern Gateway ads that featured the company's Vice President Janet Holder touting how safe oil tankers are for British Columbia's killer whales. Unfortunately, Janet must not remember what happened to killer whales 24 years ago after the Exxon Valdez grounded on Bligh Reef, or she wouldn't be willing to potentially subject animals she allegedly adores to miserable deaths like those suffered by Alaska's whales.

West Coast Communities Unite To Stop Tar Sands Tankers

Cross border organizing is becoming a bigger part of tar sands campaigns for native and non-native people alike. Mariner culture dictates that if there's is a distress call anyone in the vicinity has a responsibility to act. That is the spirit of shared responsibility and stewardship that is behind our TarSandsSOS.org site. ForestEthics, with offices in Bellingham and San Francisco, partnered with Vancouver-based ForestEthics Advocacy to create it. The site is home to a unique tar sands oil tanker tracking system, which displays those tanker's locations in real time. The site also generates real time tweets when tankers carrying tar sands enter sensitive habitats on the West Coast, like whale habitat in Washington State's San Juan Islands.