End Of Men

Nina Subin

The "End of Men" Debate Felt More Like the End of Feminism

The Munk Debate titled "The End of Men: Be it resolved that men are obsolete" let me down. I had my face in my hands, cringing at what these women -- billed as voices of modern feminism -- were saying. Get off the stage, I thought. You're hurting feminism more than you're helping it right now. For the first time in my life, as a proud graduate of York University's Women's Studies program who was raised on Gloria Steinem and Naomi Wolf, I felt anxious identifying as a feminist. How could, and where did, the debate go so horribly wrong?

Why Are Boys Doing Worse Than Girls?

Women are doing better across the board. So the question becomes: what happened 30 or 40 years ago to start boys' downward spiral? It goes without saying that we've experienced social and cultural changes that have made it possible for women to excel -- both in higher education and in their professional life. But until recently, boys did better than girls. What's changed?

Change My Mind: Is the Modern Woman Too Picky?

Incredibly, there are no statistics on this. And yet women hear about this topic all the time -- and not just from their mothers. It's an anthem playing throughout our modern culture, along with all those girl empowerment, Beyonce-style pop songs. So HuffPost put the topic to two young single men, active on the dating frontier. In our latest "Change My Mind" debate, you the reader get to decide on the loser. Just be kind. Reject him nicely.