Will the NHL Reach a Deal Before the World Ends?

In an irony as ripe as weird Uncle Willard's bedside denture jar and nuttier than old Auntie Jean's inedible fruitcake, there are whispers that the National Hockey League and its players union are inching toward an agreement to truncate their age-old lockout, and allow a new season to finally begin... right around the time the world is scheduled to end.
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Australia PM: Mayans Were Right

Does Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard know something we don't? Gillard jokes in a YouTube clip about how the Mayans were right and how the world will actually end on Dec. 21. The U.S. governm...

End Of The World Not So Nigh?

It may be a long way off, but there's no doubt about it: our galaxy is heading for an epic mash-up with the neighbouring galaxy Andromeda. Thanks to the precise measurements that the Hubble Space Tel...

Meet Mr. Doomsday

Mark your calendars. It's going to be a busy year for end-of-the-world aficionados, now that Jose De Jesus Miranda has weighed in. The U.S.-based religious leader is penciling in June 30 for the end...