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Hey Blue Jays, Your Word Play Needs Some Practice

Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays shouldn't be that surprised that outfielder Yunel Escobar painted a derogatory slur on his face. In general the Blue Jays seem to have a problem with their words. Outside the bubble of the Rogers Centre, however, words do have a meaning. Sadly, we only really seem to care about homophobia in sports when someone uses their words incorrectly.
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Baseball Is a Job, So Fire Escobar

Imagine walking into your workplace tomorrow morning, grabbing a marker from the supply closet, walking into the boardroom and writing the words "You are a Faggot" on the company white board. How do you think the boss would react? The Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escoba wrote those words in his black eye and received a three-game suspension. Three games? For offending every homosexual watching at home? For telling every athlete out there that even in 2012 you shouldn't feel comfortable coming out of the closet? The Jays should be ashamed of themselves.