European Central Bank

Fitch Ratings: Trump Policies Could Spark Global Economic Crisis

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 02.10.2017 | Canada Business

Canada would be one of the most-affected countries in a Trump-fueled crisis, credit rating agency says.

World Finance Leaders Feeling Jittery

CP | Harry Dunphy, The Associated Press | Posted 04.20.2015 | Canada Business

WASHINGTON -- The world's financial leaders see a number of threats facing a global economy still on an uneven road to recovery with U.S. and European...

Prices Are an Ocean Apart...For Now

Peter Hall | Posted 02.09.2015 | Canada Business
Peter Hall

Price movements have grabbed the headlines in recent weeks. Commodity prices are falling, and as always, there are various arguments about the reasons this time. The implications are serious, so the debates are warranted. But the more pressing issue is recent movement in the general price level. Overall price growth has weakened lately, and there is renewed worry about disinflation and deflation (the dreaded Ds). Five years beyond the crisis, and we are still worried about this? What's going on?

20% Of Europe's Banks Fail Stress Test

CP | David McHugh, The Associated Press | Posted 12.26.2014 | Canada Business

FRANKFURT - The European Central Bank says 13 of Europe's 130 biggest banks have flunked an in-depth review of their finances and must increase their ...

What Effect Would Negative Interest Rates Have On Your Finances?

Tim Paziuk | Posted 09.14.2014 | Canada Business
Tim Paziuk

Imagine that you found out tomorrow that your bank was going to start charging a storage fee on your cash. What would you do? I think most people would withdraw their money from those accounts and keep it in cash. It's unlikely they would spend or invest it, even though that's the purpose of imposing negative interest rates.

WTF? Europe's Key Interest Rates Drop BELOW ZERO

CP | By David McHugh, The Associated Press | Posted 08.05.2014 | Canada Business

FRANKFURT - The European Central Bank ventured into uncharted territory Thursday with a raft of unusual measures meant to revive the eurozone economy ...

Watch Out! The Central Bank Will Raise Interest Rates Soon

Peter Hall | Posted 07.02.2014 | Canada Business
Peter Hall

In an unprecedented move, the Fed undertook an extraordinary experiment in monetary policy. Unable to further target an interest rate, already at zero, the Fed began announcing a quantity of cash that it would inject into the financial system by purchasing large numbers of government bonds and other highly-rated securities, and replacing them with cash.

Island Of Tranquility?

CP | Juergen Baetz And Don Melvin, The Associated Press | Posted 05.24.2013 | Canada Business

BRUSSELS - Cyprus secured a package of rescue loans in tense, last-ditch negotiations early Monday, two EU diplomats said, saving the country from a b...

In Sign Of Global Slowdown, Central Banks Worldwide Slash Rates

CP | The Associated Press | Posted 09.04.2012 | Canada Business

FRANKFURT - The European Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rate to a record low Thursday to spark economic growth but gave little sign it would ...

Europe's Top Banker Slams Member Countries

CP | David McHugh, The Associated Press | Posted 07.31.2012 | Canada Business

FRANKFURT - The setup of the 17-country euro currency union is unsustainable, the head of the European Central Bank has told EU leaders, warning they ...

Eurozone Unemployment At Record High

CP | The Associated Press | Posted 05.01.2012 | Canada Business

BRUSSELS - Unemployment in the 17-country eurozone unexpectedly spiked to 10.7 per cent in January, its highest rate since the euro was established in...

The Eurozone Country Where One In Five Jobless

CP | Pan Pylas, The Associated Press | Posted 04.01.2012 | Canada Business

LONDON - Unemployment across the 17 countries that use the euro ended 2011 at a record high of one person in every 10, official figures showed Tuesday...

Bad Sign: Eurozone Banks Hoarding Record Amounts Of Cash

CP | The Associated Press | Posted 03.11.2012 | Canada Business

FRANKFURT - Banks in the countries that use the euro held a record amount overnight at the European Central Bank in a sign of unease over the eurozone...

Not Gonna Take It Anymore

CP | The Associated Press | Posted 02.17.2012 | Canada Business

FRANKFURT - A top European Central Bank official has publicly discussed the reasons for his surprise resignation, saying he is not satisfied with the ...

Why Canadians Should Care About A Euro Collapse

CBC | Posted 01.31.2012 | Canada Business

The demise of the euro would deliver a significant blow to the Canadian economy, leading to less trade, higher unemployment and a possible recession, ...

Berlusconi To Resign

CP | Nicole Winfield, The Associated Press | Posted 01.12.2012 | Canada Business

ROME - Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi resigned Saturday after parliament's lower chamber passed European-demanded reforms, ending a 17-year politic...

G20 Finance Ministers Feeling The Pressure To Solve Debt Crisis

CP | Gabriele Steinhauser, The Associated Press | Posted 12.15.2011 | Canada Business

PARIS - Finance chiefs of the Group of 20 rich and developing nations said Saturday that they will ensure the International Monetary Fund has the reso...

Greece's Creditors May Lose 60 Per Cent

CP | Elena Becatoros, The Associated Press | Posted 12.11.2011 | Canada Business

ATHENS, Greece - Greece is likely to receive the next batch of its bailout loans in early November, international debt inspectors said Tuesday, if the...

Moody's Downgrades 8 Greek Banks By 2 Notches

CP | Elena Becatoros, The Associated Press | Posted 11.22.2011 | Canada Business

ATHENS, Greece - Moody's downgraded eight Greek banks Friday, citing their exposure to their government's bonds and the deteriorating economic situati...

TSX, Loonie Plunge As Fear Grips Markets

CP | John Valorzi, The Canadian Press | Posted 11.22.2011 | Canada Business

TORONTO - Fears that a suffocating debt crisis could choke the life out of the world's delicate economic recovery battered the world's stock markets T...

Default Looming, Greece Faces More Austerity

CP | The Associated Press | Posted 11.21.2011 | Canada Business

ATHENS, Greece - Greece will have to take fresh austerity measures, the debt-ridden country's finance minister said Wednesday, a day after Athens move...

Shocker: Switzerland Pegs Franc To Euro

CP | John Heilprin, The Associated Press | Posted 11.05.2011 | Canada Business

GENEVA - The Swiss National Bank on Tuesday decided to fix the country's exchange rate at 1.20 francs per euro and indicated it would buy an unlimited...

Italy Austerity Plan Sets Up Showdown WIth Labour

CP | Alessandra Rizzo, The Associated Press | Posted 10.14.2011 | Canada Business

ROME - The leader of Italy's largest union is threatening a general strike against an austerity package that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's govern...

No Respite: World Markets Tank Again Tuesday

The Globe and Mail | Posted 10.09.2011 | Canada Business

Global markets were in freefall for the 10th straight trading day Tuesday, as Asian and European commodity indices plunged on inflation and debt conce...

Oil Sputters: Down $30 Per Barrel In 3 Months

CP | Posted 10.08.2011 | Canada Business

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Oil prices fell over $3 to near US$83 a barrel Monday after Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S.'s credit rating — a blow to confi...