Extreme Poverty

Brian Trinh

Living on $1.75 a Day Opened Our Eyes to the Struggle of Millions

The rules were simple: consume only $1.75 worth of food and drink each day, and do it for five days. We pooled our money together and bought groceries as a team, but each of us went into the Live Below The Line Challenge with different strategies, expectations and motivations. What began as a 'fun' food challenge for three Huffington Post Canada editors turned into a eye-opening experience we won't forget.

Could You Live On $1.75 A Day?

TORONTO - Could you live on $1.75 a day and eat nutritiously? Hundreds of Canadians are going to join thousands around the world next week in a challenge called Live Below the Line, created by the Glo...

Could You Live in Canada on $1.75 a Day?

Extreme poverty is the most severe form of poverty -- in Canada, it equates to living off just $1.75 a day for everything in life. This tiny dollar amount has to pay for food, housing, medicine, water and education costs -- all for less than the money we would spend on a single bus fare or a morning coffee.