Ezra Levant


Social Media: The Steroids For Extremism

Discourse has been hijacked by a special brand of lunatics, people who are seemingly normal in real life but spit venom in the online world. Like comic book villains, they get caught up in their own drawn out monologues or zippy one-liners, both designed to stifle debate and destroy even the hint of a robust discussion, while feeding our minds a fool's gold hit of adrenaline.

Ezra Levant To Testify At Duffy's Trial

OTTAWA - Ezra Levant and Sen. Mike Duffy have appeared on each other's talk shows over the years — now they'll both be featured in one of the year's most-watched courtroom dramas.Levant, the provocati...

What's Next For Ezra Levant

TORONTO - Ezra Levant says he's grateful for the freedom he had as an outspoken host on the shuttered Sun News Network, and while he doesn't know what he'll do next, he still has "a lot of things to s...

Another Setback For Sun News

The struggling Sun News Network suffered another blow this week after Canada’s broadcast regulator ruled against it in a payment dispute with Rogers, the country’s largest cable company. The CRTC sid...