Harper's Seven Top Screw-Ups in Seven Years

January 23 marks seven years since Stephen Harper was first elected Prime Minister of Canada. As the PM took the opportunity to pat himself on the back in tweeting his self-assessed greatest accomplishments, perhaps the seven-year itch is the right time to recognize PM Harper's biggest blunders.

How Do You Like Him Now?

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper, we hardly know you.Almost seven years after Harper led his Conservatives to office and ended more than a decade of uninterrupted Liberal power, the prime minister remains a po...

What If the F-35 Was a Low-Budget Film?

If a producer was to consider making a feature film about the F-35 procurement process she or he might, given the events over the past few years either go with one of two genres: Max Senate and the Keystone cops, or Federico Fellini for something a bit more surreal. Somewhere between those two extremes lies, I would think, the reality of the storyline.

MacKay Has Good Reason For That Facepalm

OTTAWA - And then there were two.After years of everyone from the prime minister to rookie Tory backbenchers staunchly and defiantly defending the purchase of the F-35 fighter jet as the only choice f...

Tories To Outsource F-35 Review

OTTAWA - The government is looking for an independent firm to review how the program to buy new stealth fighters was handled.Public Works has issued a request for proposal for a company to study how t...