A Short History Of The F-35 Fail

The question of whether Canada should buy 65 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters from Lockheed Martin has been debated for less than two years, though it may seem like it's been going on for much longer. The...

Has Canada Lost its Honour?

We now live in a world where a government can turn on its own parliament, deny it the proper accounting assessments necessary for the approval of mega-expensive items like the F-35 jet, and proceed as if the need for the Canadian people to have a proper accounting for such expenditures (the largest military procurement in Canadian history) is not of prime importance.

Jet Review Toothless, Says Expert

OTTAWA - The Canadian government is not going far enough in its review and oversight of the F-35 and it should examine what the stealth fighter can and cannot do, says an expert who's tracked the cont...

Sunday Roundup: A Week for Redemption and Rebirth

I am writing this while gazing out upon a farmer's field that has just had 1,500 baby red pines planted upon it. You have to squint to notice that the rows of little green tufts are anything other than early weeds taking advantage of the spring sun. I think the tiny trees, however, are a fitting symbol for our mutual Christian and Jewish holidays, celebrating -- indeed embodying -- the renewal of God's earth and spiritual rebirth. Meanwhile, a resurrection of another kind was taking place in Ottawa -- Trudeaumania 2.0. With Justin Trudeau's definitive smackdown of Senator Patrick Brazeau in last Saturday's charity boxing match, it was as if the national media decided to read a lot into Trudeau's third-round win. As in: Were they thinking now that the young Trudeau -- and the Liberal party -- might rise on the third day also?

Rae Demands Harper's Resignation

OTTAWA - Bob Rae is laying the blame for the stealth-fighter fiasco squarely on Stephen Harper — and he's demanding the prime minister's resignation.The interim Liberal leader says Harper "lied" to Ca...

Who's Responsible For This Mess Anyway?

Auditor General Michael Ferguson's scathing report on the F-35 has put a rare spotlight on the coterie of senior officials -- both civilian and military -- who have been central to Canada's involvemen...

Time to Sick the Watchdogs on the AG

The F-35 scandal has shown how the Prime Minister and senior government officials are very reluctant to penalize anyone, especially themselves. The good government watchdog agencies must all be given the power to penalize wrongdoers with high fines -- to bite not just bark.
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Answers to F-35 Fiasco Lie in a Black Box of Bureaucracy

The DND released information on the total cost of the program but failed to include billions of dollars in long term costs, a significant item. Who made the decision to release inadequate information? Did no one object internally? When the minister used these released figures, did no one in the department red flag it for the minister to say the number was not completely accurate?

Report: F-35 Purchase Plan Slammed

OTTAWA - The Harper government froze spending Tuesday on the multi-billion-dollar plan to buy new jet fighters minutes after the auditor general produced a withering report accusing the Department of...

Feds Broke Rules On F-35, Say Sources

OTTAWA - Canada's auditor general has both National Defence and Public Works in his sights when it comes to the troubled F-35 stealth fighter program, say senior government sources.A draft copy of the...
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Tory Turnabout On F-35

OTTAWA - The Conservative government is sounding decidedly less hawkish on its planned purchase of stealth fighters as it heads into a critical meeting with allies in Washington on the future of the c...