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If Governments Aren't Wasting Money, They're Doing it Wrong

Tales of government waste make for excellent news headlines. Bev Oda's infamous $16 orange juice probably got more media attention than the $45 billion F35 procurement debacle. Part of the reason is that people understand the value and cost of orange juice. Rather than focusing on waste, analysts and the media should instead focus on getting more value for money from governments. We need to pay less attention to tens of dollars and more attention to billions.

Best Moment in Canadian Democracy: 2012

Just before the New Year, Samara asked for nominations for the Best Moment in Canadian Democracy in 2012. Despite the cynicism that we all feel from time to time, these five serve as important reminders that there are democratic mechanisms at our disposal, and that despite Canada's imperfections we are lucky to live here.

2012: Winners and Losers of Canadian Politics

The jet lag has passed and the Christmas decorations (for some of us at least) are put away in storage. With 2013 stretching out before us, let's reflect on the year that was 2012 in Canadian politics. The best and worst political stories, the best and worst politicians and the biggest sellout.

How to Prevent Political Scandals in 2013

The year 2012 saw some scandals in Canada. There was the exposure of the multi-million dollar Ornge Air Ambulance scandal, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency scandal in Alberta, and the Robocall scandal. Did we spend a lot of time, money, and energy investigating and analyzing these scandals? Yes. Is there a sure way to avoid these problems for the next year, 2013?
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Harper's F-35 Promises Haven't Taken Flight

There has been a flurry of cost figures for the F-35, ranging from the government's unwavering figure of $9 billion all the way to $45.8 billion dollars. First the government wants this plane, then they didn't, and now they do again. Canadians are being played for suckers in this little game of procurement bingo that the Harper Cabinet is playing.

F-35s Could Fall Off U.S. Fiscal Cliff

OTTAWA - A detailed report crunching all of the numbers, contingencies and eye-popping price points of the Harper government's cherished stealth fighter program is due to be officially made public Wed...

Tories To Outsource F-35 Review

OTTAWA - The government is looking for an independent firm to review how the program to buy new stealth fighters was handled.Public Works has issued a request for proposal for a company to study how t...

Air Force Pushed F-35 Without Key Info

The Royal Canadian Air Force trumpeted the F-35 fighter jet to Canada’s defence minister as the best option for the country even though it was missing key information on competing aircraft, according...

KPMG To Review F-35 Costs

A contract to review the costs of Canada's fighter jet replacement program has been awarded to the audit firm KPMG, the federal government said Friday. The contract is worth $643,535 and is one of tw...

Critics Blast F-35 Purchase

OTTAWA - One of the most vocal critics of the F-35 stealth-fighter program had some simple advice for the Harper government: fly before you buy.Winslow Wheeler, a former defence auditor in Washington,...

A Rare Moment Of Public Frustration

OTTAWA - Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose told defence contractors Wednesday she's tired of duplication and competing agendas within government when it comes to military purchases.It was a rare mome...