Family Vacation

Get the Facts on Travel Health Before Your Family's Vacation

Tommy Cheung | Posted 03.26.2014 | Canada Travel
Tommy Cheung

Most of us are not as well aware or informed as we should be before going on vacation, according to a recent survey by Ipsos Reid of over 1,100 Canadians. And it can be way more than a minor inconvenience, as one in five of those who contract this illness can be confined in bed for a day and have symptoms up to five days. Let's see if you can separate the travel myths from facts.

The 7 Elements of a Perfect Mother-Daughter Spring Break

Theresa Albert | Posted 02.27.2014 | Canada Living
Theresa Albert

Spring Break! The very phrase conjures up a picture of bikini-clad beach parties and none too fun for mom to imagine scenes of debauchery. Not exactly a break for anyone. My plan was to go a different route and I didn't get any pushback from my 18-year-old. We discovered together the seven elements that adult women need to co-exist.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Your Disney Date Night Guide

Posted 01.25.2014 | Canada Travel

A Disney vacation is fun for the whole family -- and that includes those days where you just want to have some serious quality time with your special ...

7 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

Rania Walker | Posted 08.11.2013 | Canada Travel
Rania Walker

"Are we there yet?" With summer holidays coming up, many of us will be en route to visit family and friends, and amid all the planning, packing and panicking the last thing we need when we get into the car, on a plane or on the train, is a melt-down. Or even worse, those four words that I dare not repeat.

Who Controls The Family Vacation Plans?

The Huffington Post Canada | Brian Vinh Tien Trinh | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Travel

If vacations were cars, then mothers would mostly likely be the ones behind the wheel. But parents — and in particular, moms — may have to get use...

10 Tips for Epic Family Bonding on Vacation

Deri Latimer | Posted 10.09.2012 | Canada Living
Deri Latimer

Are you heading out on vacation soon? Do you want a little family bonding to occur while you are away? I just got back from vacation, and while I was away I noticed that some things definitely contributed to the kind of solid family bonding I desired. Try these 10 tips.

I Was a City Slicker Humbled By The Rockies

Samantha Kemp-Jackson | Posted 08.25.2012 | Canada Travel
Samantha Kemp-Jackson

My family and I are city slickers, that's a fact. We love the life that living in the downtown core affords us. People say that "back to nature" is the way to go if you want to get a real perspective on life. Hogwash, I thought... until now. My motor-mouth and city swagger was at once shot down by the scene before me. I had been humbled by the mountains.