Father and Son

What My Son Taught Me About Money

Avrum Rosensweig | Posted 09.02.2012 | Canada Business
Avrum Rosensweig

My son and I decided we would set up a for-profit Lemonade stand on Canada Day.. My little collector and I gave away the lemonade, for free! I explained that if someone gave us a five-dollar bill we would dive into the box and fish out $4.50 and return it to them. It was then the struggle began. My son asked me why we would give people our money.

Baseball Brainwashing Gone Wrong

Gerry Nicholls | Posted 11.16.2011 | Canada Living
Gerry Nicholls

My son understands the game, but not baseball's soul. He is always talking about weird-sounding stats like Batting Runs Above Average, (B.R.A.A.), not to be confused with Batting Runs Above Replacement (B.R.A.R.). It's like conversing with Mr. Spock. Where, oh where did I go wrong?