Federal Budget 2013


Lighting Up Will Cost More

OTTAWA -- Long the whipping boys of revenue-hungry governments, Canadian smokers are now the target of the Conservative crusade against the deficit. The Tories are making a $700-million tax grab by wh...

Fewer Planes, Ships, Planes For DND

OTTAWA - The badly needed new equipment on the Canadian military's shopping list may end up becoming a wish list over the next three years after Tuesday's federal budget pushed $3.1 billion in planned...

Tories Doing Some Damage Control

OTTAWA - The federal Conservatives appear to be tying up loose ends — and doing some damage control — from last year's budget as they look ahead to deliver this year's austerity-driven fiscal blueprin...

Flaherty Hasn't Slain the Deficit Yet

Mr. Flaherty may indeed eliminate the deficit in 2015-16 as planned. We hope he does. But his plan as conceived still contains considerable risk that shouldn't be ignored. More conservative revenue forecasts and lower program spending would reduce these risks and help to ensure he can deliver on his promise.

Tory Budget Leak Invites RCMP Probe

OTTAWA - The RCMP and Finance Department have dropped their probes into a leak of information from 2013 federal budget — a leak critics say was likely orchestrated by the government itself.Two news ou...

NDP Wants RCMP Investigation

OTTAWA - The RCMP should investigate last week's federal budget leak about tariff reductions because it could have allowed insiders to manipulate markets, the Opposition New Democrats charged Monday.N...

Tories 'Moving To Unwind' The PBO: Page

Canada's first budget watchdog could also be the last, says the departing public civil servant with 27 years of experience who held the job until Friday when his five-year mandate came to an end. In...

Quebec Wants No Part Of Skills Program

QUEBEC - The Quebec government has formally requested to be excluded from the new federal skills-training program.The province's pro-independence government is particularly livid about the budget, and...

Why I'm Opposing Canada's Economic (In)Action Plan

The government's budget plan is a political smoke screen, replete with gimmicks designed to convince Canadians that the Conservatives, somehow, are in fact balancing the books. This could not be further from the truth. Canada's needs have clearly taken a back seat to the needs of the Conservative Party.

Getting Ready For The Next Crisis

VANCOUVER - New measures in this week's federal budget targeting tax cheats are aimed at wealthy Canadians who are using schemes with "complicated names" to hide their money from the government, Finan...

We Need Budget Cuts, Not Trims

Thursday's federal budget manages, but it does not lead. It was a gentle haircut for a couple obscure federal programs and a beautiful bouquet of boutique tax credits that may or may not wind up getting used. The bulk of federal expenditures has long ceased to be the stuff of debate or discussion.

'Economic Sabotage'

QUEBEC - Quebec's sovereigntist government expressed fury Thursday over a budget it called a "frontal attack" on the province's economic interests.The provincial finance minister rattled off a list of...