Federal Budget Cuts


Harper Defends Military Purchases Delay

OTTAWA - Defence officials call it the "options analysis" phase — and following the Harper government's postponement of $3.1 billion in military equipment spending, the bureaucratic buzz phrase is lik...

5 Ways The Budget May Affect You

OTTAWA - FIVE WAYS THE FEDERAL BUDGET MAY AFFECT YOU1. If you play sports, equipment might be cheaper.The government is eliminating the tariff on imported sports equipment. That could save you anywher...

Cost Of Becoming A Canadian Set To Rise

OTTAWA - The cost of coming to Canada — and becoming a Canadian citizen — is set to rise.Thursday's federal budget suggests the government is eyeing fee hikes to cover the ballooning cost of processin...

Flaherty's Three Budget Priorities

OTTAWA - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is signalling he'll make skills training, modernizing the country's crumbling infrastructure and helping the manufacturing sector the key priorities in Thursday'...

Mulcair Caters To Quebec On Budget

OTTAWA - Thomas Mulcair's New Democrats are moving to reclaim the opposition spotlight in the House of Commons after being overshadowed by the tiny Liberal team during their marathon leadership contes...

This Budget Misses the Mark

Small spending allotments are trampled by spending cuts to health and essential service agencies. A mention of money being set aside for Aboriginal education is accompanied by a cut of two per cent to Aboriginal Affairs, and 5.7 per cent cut to Health Canada. This seems like a "take from Peter to give to Paul" kind of game, with no one being the clear winner.