Fifty Shades of Grey Film

Woman Reportedly Arrested For Masturbating At 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Screening

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 02.23.2015 | Canada Living

What was supposed to be a night with Christian Grey ended up in handcuffs. A woman in the state of Sinaloa in Mexico was arrested for masturbating...

'Fifty Shades' Was Conceived On A Very Canadian Device

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | Posted 02.19.2015 | Canada Business

As Canadian connections to "Fifty Shades of Grey" go, we'll take this one.

Small B.C. Town's Theatre Bans 'Fifty Shades' Movie

CBC | Posted 04.14.2015 | Canada British Columbia

There's a debate brewing on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast that is shades of grey.

They're Baaaaaaaaack

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 10.14.2014 | Canada British Columbia

Summer may be over, but Vancouver is heating up again with the return of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" movie stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The ac...

Goodbye, Christian Grey

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 02.24.2014 | Canada British Columbia

We all knew this day would come eventually, but that doesn't make it any less depressing. The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" movie that had taken over Vanc...

LOOK: 'Fifty Shades' Photos Show Ana Jogging

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 02.14.2014 | Canada British Columbia

"Fifty Shades Of Grey" movie fans will be pleased to learn that the cast has resurfaced in North Vancouver. Star Dakota Johnson (playing main chara...

WATCH: Christian And Ana Jogging Scenes

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 02.09.2014 | Canada British Columbia

If you haven't had your fill of Jamie Dornan (AKA Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" movie) running around Vancouver, you're in luck: there'...

LOOK: Christian Grey Jogs On Vancouver Seawall

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 01.30.2014 | Canada British Columbia

When you're as handsome as Christian Grey, you've got to stay in tip top shape. So it's no wonder the cast and crew of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" were see...

LOOK: 'Fifty Shades' Is Back In Vancouver

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 01.25.2014 | Canada British Columbia

We can breathe easy again, everyone. The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" movie has not, as was previously rumoured, abandoned Vancouver. And while we've fou...

'Fifty Shades' Abandoning Vancouver?

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada British Columbia

The weather in Vancouver may be proving too, well, grey for the producers of this year's hottest movie franchise, "Fifty Shades Of Grey". According...

WATCH: Anastasia And Christian Kiss

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 12.19.2013 | Canada British Columbia

The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" production brought heat to a chilly Thursday morning in Vancouver, when passersby were treated to a steamy kiss between the...

LOOK: UBC Turns 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 12.19.2013 | Canada British Columbia

"Fifty Shades of Grey" has moved to UBC to shoot the script's graduation scenes. YVR Shoots took some photos on Sunday as the institution stood in ...