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Create a Winter Hideout In Your Own Home

With the wintertime coming, many of you reading this have probably already covered up the BBQ, put away the patio furniture, or closed up the balcony doors. To help make your basement (or any other chilly and under-utilized space) look and feel warmer, here are my tips for designing your way to a cozy interior environment.

Excellent Hosts Need an Exquisite Space

Carl and Tony have lived in their charming semi-detached house for years but the duo recently decided they had outgrown their small home -- especially their dark, cramped living and dining rooms -- and started contemplating a move into bigger and brighter digs. But their neighbours wouldn't hear of it! They all banded together in protest and convinced them to stay -- and renovate! So I called in my crew and we geared up to turn the antique-stuffed space into a room worthy of two splendid hosts.