First World Problems

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Why Your #Firstworldproblems are Valid

There's importance in recognizing our station in life. There's value in evaluating our concerns and determining if they're fleeting or a bit premature. There is an utmost necessity in understanding what is going on around us and around the globe, and a responsibility to speak out against injustice. Sometimes, having a grasp on another's situation can help us reframe our own.

Mental Illness Is Not a First World Problem

Those without mental health issues equate their feelings of sadness to those of someone with depression, when in reality this is like comparing a small paper cut to a broken arm. This characterization is entirely misguided however, as mental health issues are not a "First World Problem" but instead a problem which has the potential to affect all humans regardless of class, race, gender, or ethnicity.

Real-World Fixes to First-World Problems

Last month, we came clean and admitted that yes, we have First-World problems. Of course we're not alone. Aside from the #firstworldproblem ubiquity on Twitter, we've gotten plenty of unsolicited advice for this Real World Fixes column -- our attempt to insert some perspective into the trivial complaints of the privileged.

Learning to Laugh at Our First World Problems

"I hate when my leather seats aren't heated," says a grinning boy, who isn't sitting in a luxury car, but perched atop a pile of gravel outside a cinder block building with no windows. This is from a short video called The First World Problems Anthem -- a cheeky, teasing shot at us pampered First World dwellers featuring Haitians reciting a litany of complaints you're far more likely to hear at Second Cup than in a seedy slum.

First World Problems, Meet Real World Fixes

First World Problems has become a meme of such epic proportions. Your Laundromat doesn't have Wi-Fi!? The magazines in your dentist's waiting room are from last month?! This week, when "First World Problems Anthem," a video devised by a U.S.-based marketing agency for a charitable campaign, went viral, we could hardly keep up with the backlash.