Food Colouring


Stressed?! Maybe You're Eating Too Much of These

You've all heard "you are what you eat" before, right? Well we now know that that is true on a more fundamental level than you ever could have imagined. So, is it possible that the foods we eat can be changing this chemical and physical make-up to actually create feelings of stress and anxiety? Absolutely! Check out the top five foods that can affect your brain chemistry and cause stress and anxiety.

Labelling Artificial Colours Lagging in Canada

Having my first child made me keenly aware of the effects of artificial colours. Watching my one-year-old go bonkers after inadvertently ingesting a "healthy" yogurt drink containing a red dye was enough to convince me that artificial colours in our food are trouble, and not just in my home.

10 Tips to Avoid Healthwashing

We buy into the claims that are shouted at us from TV, magazines and food packages themselves because we want so badly for them to work. We are buying and the marketers keep branding, and in many cases completely fabricating health claims -- and many of them don't make any sense at all.