Foods for Weight Loss

15 Healthy Fruits That Will Make You Feel Good From The Inside Out

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 08.13.2015 | Canada Living

Why fruit truly is nature's candy.

5 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Stay Young

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 08.12.2015 | Canada Living

Don't worry there's also a list of anti-aging foods!

10 Foods That Help Maintain Your Weight

AFP/Relaxnews | Posted 07.20.2015 | Canada Living

Bonus: They are all completely delicious.

These Foods Will Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 03.19.2015 | Canada Living

Anyone who has spent hours in the gym without noticing results knows a lean body is made in the kitchen. Good Housekeeping magazine has published a...

Five Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

Abby Langer | Posted 07.14.2014 | Canada Living
Abby Langer

1. You're Eating Too Much, Healthy or Not My dad once told me: you can gain weight if you eat too much -- even if you eat too many carrots. What he me...

10 Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

The Huffington Post Canada | Terri Coles | Posted 03.03.2014 | Canada Living

Eat to lose weight? Sounds too good to be true. However, some research shows that certain foods may have a fat-burning effect in the body. "Some [f...

5 Foods You Have To Eat For Weight Loss

AFP/Relaxnews | Posted 01.27.2014 | Canada Living

Of course, there is no such thing as a miracle food, and losing weight is only possible through a change in overall diet and exercise. Nonetheless, th...

10 Healthy Foods That Are Orange

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 11.18.2013 | Canada Living

If you're a sucker for all things healthy and orange, you're probably already doing your body a huge favour. If you're not, it's time to start eating ...

Don't Get Fooled By These 8 "Healthy" Foods

Everyday Health | Lambeth Hochwald | Posted 11.22.2013 | Canada Living

By Lambeth Hochwald When New York Times blogger Mark Bittman attacked McDonald’s oatmeal — an innocent-sounding healthy menu offering — f...

A Natural Body Detox For Spring: 30 Foods Under 50 Calories

The Huffington Post Canada | Rebecca Zamon | Posted 04.27.2012 | Canada Living

Wondering how to shed a few pounds and make your life healthier this spring? Then nutritionist Christine Avanti has one piece of advice for you: "Get ...