Fresh Water


Are We Headed for a National Water Crisis?

Thousands of us undoubtedly spent this Canada Day weekend playing in or simply lounging by our abundant oceans, lakes and rivers. Water is part of our national identity. Canada contains as much as 20 per cent of the entire world's fresh water supply. It's our birthright and our national treasure. But we might not be as rich as we think. The granddaughter of oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau told us we're headed for a water crisis because we're not taking care of our inheritance.

Palestine Needs Fresh Water Now

The humanitarian challenges Palestinians face grow ever more severe; In terms of water, the situation is particularly difficult. Through a range of historical interventions, Israel controls the bulk of the fresh water resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The situation in Gaza is even more extreme, with a further 1.6 million Palestinians having access only to the very limited underground aquifer within Gaza, with only 5 per cent of the water safe to drink.