G20 Summit Toronto


G20 Cop Guilty

TORONTO - The criminal conviction of a Toronto police officer for assaulting a protester during the G20 summit three years ago was hailed as a victory for the hundreds of demonstrators who were rounde...

Man Faces 26 Charges Related To G20

TORONTO - Toronto police say they've charged a 27-year-old New York City man with 26 offences arising from the G20 Summit in Toronto in June 2010.Investigators say Joel Saleem Bitar returned to Canada...
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Pussy Riot Girls Aren't the First Artists to Fight the Power

"Pussy Riot": a Russian feminist punk band convicted and sentenced to prison for publicly denouncing, through their music, Russian President Valdimir Putin. It proves that art can challenge political power. Artists are inevitably on the frontlines of that conflict between power and expression. History is littered with examples like Pussy Riot, of artists exiled, imprisoned, or tortured for criticizing authority and official policies of their leaders. Here are just a few examples.

Judge Blasts Toronto Police Over G20

A Toronto judge has blasted police tactics during last year's G20 summit. Lawyers defending some of the people charged with offences in connection with last year's summit say a Toronto judge's ruling...