'Gangnam Style' Breaks YouTube

Just how big a hit was "Gangnam Style"? So mammoth that the Internet literally wasn't ready to handle it. YouTube said that the 2012 song by South Korea's Psy -- accompanied by a horse-riding-like dan...

The New Style Powerhouses

It’s easy to focus on western style stars when we’re inundated with award shows and film festivals nearly every single week (or so it feels like). However, with the marriage of South Korean actors Lee...
YouTube: Psy

The Best Music Video of 2012 Wasn't Gangnam Style

Although 2012 was a landmark year for music videos, where "Gangnam Style had one billion hits and bands like "Walk Off The Earth" got 142 million views for simply covering Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know," it was also a year in which the greatest video I have ever seen was released to comparatively little fanfare.

WATCH: Finally! Stephen Harper Style

Oppa Harper Style! A new (and truly terrible) parody of Psy's phenomenal hit 'Gangnam Style' created by Air Farce and starring 'Stephen Harper' (Craig Lauzon) is creating a stir online. So what is S...

WATCH: Is This The New 'Gangnam Style?'

No one does excruciatingly awful / terribly wonderful pop quite like the Europeans. Their gift is particularly well showcased in the video below -- which we're predicting will dethrone "Gangnam style"...

Cutest Gangnam Style Ever?

Even babies know Gangnam Style. Eliza Joshua, an insanely cute 23-month-old, showed off her moves at a recent Santa Claus parade, a YouTube video uploaded by Heidi Joshua shows. "She just loves to da...

South Korea Gets Popular, Gangnam Style

In many ways South Korea is on a roll in terms of its positive global image. In soft power terms, it has found an unlikely source of attraction in Psy, whose dance video Gangnam Style has been a global phenomenon. While Psy is the popular face of a confident South Korea, ready and willing to play on the world stage, there are other signs of its success.