Gary Doer


Former NDP Premier 'Proud' Of Harper

WASHINGTON - As Parliament prepared to vote on a military mission in the Middle East, one longtime former New Democrat emphatically expressed his support Tuesday for the Harper government's position.G...

Doer Does Conventions

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Gary Doer has been on the ground at both the Democratic and Republican conventions over the past two weeks, "flying the Canadian flag" to a barrage of the biggest power brokers in th...

The Man Between Harper And Obama

WASHINGTON - It's noon on a typically steamy August day in the U.S. capital, and Gary Doer strides into a Capitol Hill restaurant looking every inch the man who's "living the dream" — an expression he...

Any Voters in Manitoba Still Awake?

The media couldn't even keep its eyes open during the Manitoba election campaign, only occasionally looking below the surface of the promises and policies. Then again, the resurrected NHL Winnipeg Jets were beginning their pre-season games and the Bombers were in first place. The media can only do so much.

Doer Campaigns For Keystone

WASHINGTON - Gary Doer says he has one primary mission as he promotes TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline in the United States as the State Department contemplates a final decision on whether...

Potential NDP Leaders, Are You In or Out?

It doesn't matter who wins the crown in the next NDP leadership race, because they will be constantly compared to Layton. Potential leadership candidates will need to evaluate if it is better to jump in now or wait until there is a future leadership opening when they can be more fairly judged.