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Vancouver Election Has Bigger Issues Than Bike Lanes

I felt compelled to see these protestors in person. A younger, more angsty self would have wanted to mock and troll them, literally ride circles around them and ring my bell. But I'm older and more chill now, and really I just wanted to see if they were real, if their hearts were in it or if they were just NPA hacks, and if they were as homogeneously old, white, and wealthy as they appeared in pictures.

Fix Proposed For Granville Street 'Chaos"

A few years after the City of Vancouver redesigned the downtown strip of Granville Street, Non-Partisan Association city councillor George Affleck says it needs to change. Affleck, who lives in Yalet...

Party Like It's 2014!

A Vancouver councillor wants the city to host a big New Year's Eve celebration for 2014 as other major cities do around the world. NPA Coun. George Affleck will be putting forward the motion to be deb...

Vancouver Food Trucks vs. Restaurants

A Vancouver city councillor is asking council to support the independent restaurant industry by taking another look at the city's popular food trucks. "The enormous success of our food cart and truck...

City Hall's Definition Of Civic Engagement

We've heard the discussion about how Vancouverites suffer from a reported epidemic of loneliness and isolation. This notion (of which I am a firm skeptic) has triggered a policy initiative from Vancouver's ruling Vision party. So what does civic engagement actually mean to the party? Sadly for Vancouver, it already equals less access to city hall, reduced citizen involvement in shaping our city, and a top-down approach to decision-making.