Gerald Tremblay


What I Learned This Week: When The Worst Becomes The Best

Sometimes the worst of times may be the best of times in disguise. I repeat the caveat: sometimes. Case in point, let's look at four very different mayors from across Canada: Gérald Tremblay, Rob Ford, Naheed Nenshi, and Colette Roy-Laroche. They all faced different types of crises this summer, and their responses defined them in the public eye.

Former Montreal Mayor Grilled

Gérald Tremblay's voice broke as he spoke of Montreal as 'an exceptional city' that deserves devoted, trustworthy bureaucrats and elected officials, ending his testimony before Quebec's corruption inq...

He's Not The Only Mayor In Trouble

TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been ordered out of office after being found guilty of breaking conflict of interest rules, but he's not the only Canadian mayor running into trouble:— Gerald Trem...

Montreal's First Anglo Mayor?

MONTREAL - A number of Quebec politicians have lately been forced to deflect allegations of corruption. Now a Montreal mayoral candidate is deflecting allegations that he's too English for the job.Mic...

Quebec's Mafia Corruption Is All Out In the Open

On Monday, Montreal's hapless, shaky, angry, and white-haired mayor, Gérald Tremblay, resigned in disgrace. It's no big surprise, really. Gérald had been fighting corruption allegations for years, always claiming that he knew nothing about any corruption seeping into Montreal's municipal politics. Even the most casual city observer would call utter bullshit on that. The mayor's position really became untenable last week when a former top aide, Martin Dumont, dished the goods in front of the Charbonneau Commission, which has been overturning dirty rocks to uncover the filthy world of Montreal's construction contracts.

Who Will Replace Tremblay?

MONTREAL - Montreal will pick an interim mayor on Nov. 16 to replace the one who has resigned in the midst of a corruption scandal.The winner will serve as interim mayor for just under a year, until t...


Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay has announced his resignation less than a week after he was personally implicated in testimony at Quebec's public inquiry into corruption in the province's construction...

Montreal Mayor Calls A Time Out

MONTREAL -- With his administration under heavy fire over an ongoing corruption scandal, Montreal's embattled mayor is taking a break. A spokeswoman for Mayor Gerald Tremblay says he'll be taking a fe...

What A Mask Ban Might Look Like

MONTREAL - A federal move to regulate mask-wearing at large gatherings could face a litmus test as early as this week, as events in Montreal help foreshadow whether such a plan will do more good or ha...