Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten is Under Attack: Ceasefire!

The G word is almost as bad as the F word these days. In recent years, gluten has been getting a bad rap due to the mass media, celebrities who are so-called gluten experts and books such as Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. For those who don't know, gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye.

RECIPE: Homemade Gluten-Free Bagels

I have tried several times to make gluten-free bagels that satisfy me the way the regular wheat ones used to -- my favourite order at Tim Hortons. I finally am happy with this recipe. I like the plain bagels with poppy seed tops, toasted and spread with cream cheese but you can change up the recipe by adding your favourite flavours and toppings.

7 Reasons Quinoa is the New Health Food Superstar

Somehow, a superfood that only health advocates like me have known about for years is now common fare for a wave of twentysomethings eating at trendy coffee shops and delis. Although there is no accounting for taste or trends, quinoa does have some powerful health benefits. It tastes great, it is high protein, and it is part of another major food trend of today: gluten free eating.

Yes, Gluten-Free Can Be Tasty

TORONTO - When cookbook author Judith Finlayson began shopping for gluten-free food, she discovered that many items people buy in a bid to improve their health contain highly refined starches such as...

RECIPE: Raw Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I don't really have much of a sweet tooth myself these days, but when I teach my food workshops, I like to welcome my guests with a sweet introduction to class by offering up a decadent treat to kick things off. The best part? These cupcakes are totally raw, vegan, and gluten free!

Things My Husband and I Argue About When We Make Pizza

"Do we really need yeast?" I ask. "YES!" exclaims Tony, to whom pizza is a very, very important part of life. I run to the corner store, buy yeast, return, and mix it into the recipe. But something is wrong. Very wrong. "The dough is really crumbly," Tony points out. "I noticed," I say, through gritted teeth.

Autism, Eating and... Television?

It's been very tough to watch my nephew's body reject tastes, smells and textures on its most basic level. But after watching Barefoot Contessa, Leo began to taste things here and there. Handling and smelling food opened up a whole new world to him.