Gop Primary

Romney GOP primary

In the upcoming caucuses and primaries it should be easy for Romney. Not a lot of colour to the guy, but flamboyance can be a detriment. Romney seems a perfect candidate -- no hint of scandal, no big surprises, someone who is competent at everything he gets involved in, who doesn't panic, and is ineffably courteous.

Canadians Want a Pipeline, Not a U.S. Campaign Issue

The presidential candidates will talk Keystone on the campaign trail as one more reason to defeat Barack Obama in November, although, historically, both U.S. political parties have taken turns advancing the U.S.-Canada relationship. It would be strange if that tradition came to grief under Barack Obama.

Whoever Wins Florida, at Least Fewer GOP Debates

Florida is for real -- involving two time zones and strong pockets of national security conservatives, social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. Perhaps the biggest change since South Carolina is the sudden fear -- and "fear" is not too strong a word -- among Republicans that Gingrich might seal the nomination.