Gord Perks

Joshua Ostroff

Gord Perks And Toronto's War On Hipsters

Toronto City councillor Gord Perks, who represents the long hardscrabble, newly hip neighbourhood of Parkdale, is working to turn last fall's moratorium on new restaurants and bars into a permanent limit restricting such establishments to 25 per cent of Parkdale's stretch of Queen St. West, one of the country's most famous commercial streets.

SWAG Toronto Councillors Oppose Proposed Scarborough Subway

I respect the City Councillors Josh Matlow of St. Paul's ward and Gord Perks of Parkdale-High Park ward. It is just too bad they do not respect the wishes of the long-suffering residents of Scarborough who want and deserve a piece of the same subway/ transit benefits and opportunities that Matlow and Perks' own downtown Toronto constituents enjoy.

Toronto Selling Its Stake In Enwave

Toronto's powerful executive committee has decided to put off one part of a controversial plan to sell off some of the city's most valuable assets as a way of easing the municipal debt load. At a mee...