Government Transparency


There's Good Reason to Monitor Government Spending

Too many use Orwellian language to propose something contrary to the public good. But, considering the reality of power, the term "taxpayer" helps people focus on the real cost of political decisions that favour a narrow interest, ones which can injure the good life for everyone else.

B.C. Politicians Need To Show Us Their Money

B.C.'s 85 MLAs have put off any effort to become transparent with their expenses. Now that procrastination is coming back to cost them -- B.C. Auditor General John Doyle recently released a scathing 17-page report on Legislative Assembly spending, showing that the Legislative Assembly's books were a hopeless mess and casting doubts that MLAs are spending our money wisely.

Mulcair Vows To Lift Shroud Of Secrecy

TORONTO - Blasting cuts to research agencies and tighter controls on public files, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair vowed Sunday to lift the shroud of secrecy he believes has spread over Parliament Hill under t...

Why Is Open Data Still Guarded?

Currently, the available open data seems to be used primarily by developers who make and sell apps, or by enthusiasts who write code as a hobby. It leaves me wondering if the only promise of open data is in monetizing that information for a downloadable app that may be of limited long-term value.