Governor General David Johnston

Sgt Ronald Duchesne, Rideau Hall © OSGG, 2016

To Hudson Bay And Back: Inspiring Stories From Canada's North

Why do I share this story on National Aboriginal Day? Because the Salluit Running Club is an example of something we don't hear enough of in southern Canada: a good news story from the North. And while it cannot and must not be forgotten that Salluit, like many northern communities, faces significant challenges--including, most tragically, an alarmingly high number of youth suicides--I encountered many reasons for hope during my visit to communities in northern Manitoba, Nunavut and Nunavik.
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Throne Speech Signals Trudeau Government Wants To Be Different

Just as Trudeau did when he invited the public to the swearing-in of his cabinet ministers at Rideau Hall, or by meeting with the provincial and territorial ministers for the first time since 2009, or by attending the UN climate change summit with his provincial counterparts and opposition leaders, Trudeau is signalling that his is a different government. Gone is Stephen Harper's uncaring, exclusionary and secretive government. Instead, the Liberals are saying, they will be open, transparent, collaborative and caring. Time will tell whether they hold true to those promises.
Rideau Hall

Welcoming Syrian Refugees Will Be A Defining Moment For Canada

Vincent Massey, the first Canadian-born governor general, said: "Nations achieve character in crises... [and] it is of such moments in history that nations seem ... to say to themselves, 'I live for something. For what? What do I value above all...?'" The Syrian refugee crisis is one such moment for our nation today. It compels us to ask: What is our character? What do we live for? What do we revere above all? The moment has once again come to answer those questions. This is a moment to reaffirm our fundamental values as Canadians.