Graham James


Canada: 'Disneyland For Pedophiles'

TORONTO - Former NHL star Theo Fleury is taking aim at Canada's justice system, saying the country's weak penalties for sexual abuse make it a "Disneyland for pedophiles."The Stanley Cup and Olympic G...

Real Men Like Sheldon Kennedy Speak Out Against Abuse

Beyond Borders is an organization which speaks out against child sexual exploitation and it was their 10th anniversary Media Awards. I am aware of the Sheldon Kennedy story in the same detail as most of you, that is, I saw the newscasts that revealed his circumstances -- sexual abuse at the hands of his minor-league coach. I did not know that I would be so moved to hear the details freshly told.

Why Jailing my Sex Abuser Won't Help

Three weeks ago I submitted my victim impact statement to the police and shared it with my friends and family. Given the choice, I would rather see my abuser serve the current mandatory minimum sentence of 45 days, freeing up tens of thousands of dollars for his rehabilitation.

Graham James Sentence Appealed

The long wait of Canucks fans for another shot at the playoffs came on Wednesday night, as they hosted the Los Angeles Kings. The game was filled with hits, penalties and goals, as told by the Twitter...

Convicted Pedophile Returns Hockey Award

WINNIPEG - The Hockey News says twice-convicted pedophile Graham James has returned a plaque the magazine gave him in his heyday as a junior coach.The hockey publication declared James "man of the yea...

Graham James Unmasked

WINNIPEG - Convicted sex offender Graham James' efforts to hide his current appearance as he arrived for a court hearing last week were unmasked on Saturday with the leak of a photo purportedly taken...

Sentence May Be Appealed

Manitoba justice officials will be reviewing Graham James's sentence to see if there are grounds for an appeal, CBC News has confirmed. James was sentenced Tuesday in Winnipeg for sexually assaulting...

'Goodbye, You Piece Of S-'

Here are some quotes from the sentencing of convicted sex offender and former hockey coach Graham James:"Goodbye, you piece of (expletive)." — courtroom spectator as James was taken into custody.___"T...

Sex Abuser Likely To Walk, Says Ex-NHLer

OTTAWA - Sheldon Kennedy is predicting that his former coach and abuser Graham James won't do jail time after pleading guilty to new sex offences against two more of his past hockey players.Kennedy to...

Two Sides Of Graham James

WINNIPEG - To the hockey-loving public, Graham James was a charismatic, award-winning coach who helped groom future NHL stars.He was a media darling, smooth-talking and quick with a Shakespeare quote....