Greece Crisis


Greek Drama Drives TSX Down 300 Points

TORONTO - The Toronto Stock Exchange tumbled more than 300 points, joining a global retreat on equity markets sparked by the Greek debt crisis and fears over its possible effects on the euro and world...

When Young Democracies Make Immature Decisions

How could any country find itself in a scenario where it suffers the consequences of having been too socialist and too capitalist at the same time? I was listening to a former Greek Prime Minister recently at a global conference and I was struck by the number of times he referred to his country as a "young democracy." The implication, of course, was that it was an immature democracy -- and suddenly it all made sense.

Greece Election News Drags Down Markets

TORONTO - The Toronto stock market racked up a sharp, triple-digit slide for a second session Tuesday after intense wrangling failed to produce a new government for Greece.Fresh elections for the debt...