Gun Control America

The Second Amendment Should Live Only in Spirit

Wouldn't he be surprised by the religious fervour that gun holders have in America, today, for their Second Amendment. It has taken on a sacredness that rivals Biblical laws. Those American people holding strong to their Amendment and their guns are probably the same people who hold steadfast to the literal meaning of the Bible.
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Could America's Gun Problem Lead to Brain Drain?

I am a Canadian citizen born in India. I love America. There, I said it. I have always grown up loving America. However, something changed. I am afraid of America now. I am talking of the gun culture and the stories of shootings I read on the Internet. If hundreds of thousands of other potential graduate students like me feel this way, it will affect America's brainpower.

How We Should Talk When We Talk About Guns

Despite the inescapable emotion involved in such a tragedy involving the loss of innocent lives, both pro and anti-gun lobbyists need to approach the argument in an unbiased and dispassionate manner. The debate needs to be depoliticized and examined at a strictly human level, where gun-related crimes have caused unspeakable horror and heartache.

Gun Control: Should Firearms Represent Freedom?

For all the talk of the effects of guns and the nature of gun crime, very little is said about the role that guns play as social symbols. The gun debate is still articulated by simplistic slogans such as: "guns don't kill people, people do." But in addition to their functional value -- as instruments of security and insecurity -- guns are also infused with a powerful symbolic value. A gun is more than an object. A gun is a means towards, and a symbol of, an ideal society. It serves as a functional and figurative instrument of who does, and who does not, have power and citizenship.