Haida Gwaii

Chris Taylor

A Marathon At The Edge of the World

This trip wasn't about ease. After spending almost 15 years abroad in the U.S., it was about reconnecting with the heart and soul of British Columbia: The vistas of Pacific beaches, the calls of the ravens at daybreak, the natural spirits that populate every curve in the coastline.

Second Strike For Island Rats

GWAII HAANAS, B.C. - Parks Canada has completed a second air drop of rat poison on two islands in Gwaii Haanas national park, in an effort to restore seabird colonies destroyed by an invasion of thous...

Death From Above

In an effort to eradicate rats, officials with Parks Canada have taken to the skies to drop poison pellets on a couple of islands in Haida Gwaii. Eighteen islands in the archipelago are now infested...
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Don't Dump Iron -- Dump Rogue Climate Schemes

The press release had a pretty stark headline: "Haida Announce Termination of Russ George." George was the guy who persuaded the small impoverished indigenous community of Old Massett on Haida Gwaii to part with over $2.5-million. He did so under the pretense that dumping iron in the ocean to stimulate a plankton bloom would net lucrative profits in the carbon credit market. Losing the rogue geoengineer may be good for optics, but it is a meaningless step unless the Haida also jettison his junk visions to manipulate the oceans and climate.

Haida Gwaii Ocean Dumping Continues

OLD MASSETT, B.C. - The California businessman behind a controversial ocean fertilization project off B.C.'s west coast has been fired, but the group behind the project says it still supports the conc...