WATCH: Ezra Levant Does The Harlem Shake

Ezra Levant’s got moves. The host of Sun TV’s ‘The Source’, fed up with the “talentless, wiggly non-dance” passed off as the Harlem Shake in a host of viral videos, decided to show how the iconic dan...

Is the Harlem Shake Meme Cultural Appropriation?

The most recent online sensation created by dimwits with access to cameras is the Harlem Shake meme. However, the name of the meme has recently become a topic of discussion and controversy for some, particularly after a group of Harlemites responded to the new Harlem Shake meme in a video released last week. Arguably, the Harlem Shake meme is a form of cultural appropriation in that it is the popular use (and misuse) of a cultural artifact to black culture by a predominantly white crowd. Most importantly, this new Harlem Shake has already began to eradicate the original Harlem Shake from popular culture online.
Julie Phillips

WATCH: Harlem Shake In Calgary

Over 100 Calgarians gathered at the Wonderland sculpture beneath the city's Bow Tower to film the Harlem Shake, the latest viral dance craze. Organizer Julie Phillips said the idea grew out of a Twit...

UBC Takes On The Harlem Shake

The latest viral dance craze known as the "Harlem Shake" has reached the University of British Columbia (UBC) as more than 1,000 students took to the campus' main mall last week. A YouTube video shows...

20 Harlem Shake Dances In Canada

We're only 44 days into the new year and the new dance craze for 2013 is already here. Meet the Harlem Shake. Yes, we know what you're thinking — this dance craze isn't new. The Shake dates back almo...