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Media Bites: Want to Hear How Harper Hates Science? Watch CBC

Do Prime Minister Harper's science priorities reflect the best interests of Canada? It's certainly a question worth asking, but you won't find the answer by interviewing the folks guaranteed to have the most biased perspective: laid-off scientists and the left-wing union that represents them. Though that's the CBC's preferred approach. Considering we're supposed to be talking about a war on facts, it is a tad ironic, though.

Tories' Move Baffles Scientists

OTTAWA - The Harper government is refusing to permit fully funded freshwater research to take place this summer at the remote Experimental Lakes Area in northwestern Ontario.A group of researchers fro...
George Garcia

How Science Can Help the Feds Save Face

I will simply say that the reason the Conservatives should want government scientists to speak freely to journalists is because it is in their -- the present government's -- profound self interest. They want to be able to say to the Canadian people when something with deep scientific rooting screws up in a major way: Don't just blame us.