Harper Senate



Prime Minister Stephen Harper may soon be grappling with a whole new problem inside the Senate. He has already endured a Senate expenses scandal that cost him his chief of staff and suffered another...

Harper Credibility Eroding: Poll

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader who promised to usher in a new era of accountability when his government came to power in 2006, is seeing his credibility erode following months...

No Paper Trail Here

The Senate expenses scandal may have generated a lot of headlines this year, but apparently it hadn't prompted a single email, memo or even a sticky-note in Stephen Harper's own department b...

Harper: No New Senators Any Time Soon

RAGLAN MINE, Que. - Don't look for any new faces in the scandal-plagued Senate for the time being.Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he'll hold off making any new appointments, even though there are c...

Plenty Of Questions, Few Answers

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper was in the hot seat for the second consecutive day Wednesday, facing an opposition inquisition about his office's involvement in the scandal swirling around Sen. Mike Duffy's i...

CARTOON: My What Big Teeth You Have Mr. Harper..

Watching a recent televised press conference from New-York last week I listened to Prime Minister Stephen Harper begin all his responses to questions by first saying "LOOK". Well he might have unintentionally been asking for more eyes to be watching then he might have counted on, considering the events of the past week.

Harper Is Punishing the Wrong Senators

It may not constitute criminal behaviour to apply for bogus housing allowances. But three people crossed over a moral line that a hundred other senators didn't. Doesn't that call for censure on the part of the institution that they hoodwinked? You can't just sweep things like this under the rug and pretend its business as usual. Wrong is wrong, and without formal censure, the Senate becomes part of the wrong. In dealing with this situation, the government has turned the concept of punishment upside down. No punishment for the housing allowance transgressors. But sweeping new rules to stymie senators involved in legitimate Senate business.

What Does Harper Have To Say?

OTTAWA - Canadians will have to wait until Wednesday to hear Prime Minister Stephen Harper answer questions about the Senate expenses scandal.Harper has embarked on a three-day trip to South America w...

Want Real Senate Reform? Appoint Inspiring, Worthy Advocates

The depressing issue of crime in the black community deserves an advocate and the senate is a great place to start with. In a Conservative government that believes in the empowerment of victims, the next member of the Canadian senate should come from the black mothers who have been touched by random and senseless crimes in Toronto.

Senate Reform Fight Heats Up

Facing surprising pushback within his own party, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to take his quest for Senate reform directly to the House of Commons as early as this week. The Conservatives...