Prime Minister Stephen Harper may soon be grappling with a whole new problem inside the Senate. He has already endured a Senate expenses scandal that cost him his chief of staff and suffered another...

Senate Ruling Cuts Twitter In Two

The Supreme Court of Canada shot down Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plan for reforming the Senate on Friday and users on Twitter were divided over the decision. Many lamented that the court's ruling...

Harper Credibility Eroding: Poll

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader who promised to usher in a new era of accountability when his government came to power in 2006, is seeing his credibility erode following months...

No Paper Trail Here

The Senate expenses scandal may have generated a lot of headlines this year, but apparently it hadn't prompted a single email, memo or even a sticky-note in Stephen Harper's own department b...

CARTOON: My What Big Teeth You Have Mr. Harper..

Watching a recent televised press conference from New-York last week I listened to Prime Minister Stephen Harper begin all his responses to questions by first saying "LOOK". Well he might have unintentionally been asking for more eyes to be watching then he might have counted on, considering the events of the past week.