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Can Tories Turn Youth Against Trudeau?

It's in the Tories' best voter-suppressing interests to encourage this preexisting distaste among progressive youth for such an undeniably flawed anti-Harper as much as possible. If the social stigma around supporting Trudeau persists, and the rate of youth participation in the next election continues to hover in its traditional high 30s as a result, that'll probably suit the Tories just fine.

It's ON

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives will reach the midway mark of their governing mandate later this summer. When Canadian politics crests that hill, it starts rolling quicker and quicker towards the next...

'Fed Up'

QUEBEC - Stephen Harper says people are "fed up" with the old constitutional battles that have been around his entire life.The prime minister was making his first official visit to Quebec on Friday si...

Trudeau on Terrorism: A Sane Voice in Politics

When an act of terror occurs, it takes time to assess what exactly happened. Two hours after the blast, blood was still being spilled, explosives were still being sniffed out, and loved ones were still being contacted to share the terrible news. It was in this chaos that Mr. Trudeau was asked to react -- even before the President of the United States, the FBI, or the State Governor had reacted. What Mr. Trudeau did was answer the truth. A novel concept for some, but a welcome philosophy to Canadians tired of the dreary, divisive diatribe. We don't know who did this, but surely there are ways we can look at root causes and prevent future bloodshed.

Trudeau's Boston Bombing Comment Should Cost Him

Justin Trudeau's comments about the Boston bombings in an interview with Peter Mansbridge display an ignorance and insensitivity that know no bounds. He appears to give equal moral weight to monitoring those people who point fingers at minorities as to monitoring violent subgroups. In other words, according to Justin, these terrorists are not really at fault.

What Tories Lose By Attacking Trudeau

Here's some counsel to the Harper minions: Don't undertake your historic practice of negative ads against Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau. Election time is fine (everybody does it), but in this space between mandates, permit the next generation to continue moving forward into the political spectrum. Should you practice your usual and fill the Canadian airwaves with vitriol among a younger politician seeking to make a difference, you will likely turn off the next generation altogether.