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Rectal Marijuana Is More Effective Than Smoking Joints: Doctor

CP | Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.06.2017 | Canada Living

Health Canada officially recommends against smoking marijuana.

Pot Legalization: Health Canada Flags 9 Considerations For Feds

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.06.2017 | Canada Politics

A document offers insight into how the new government will navigate the issue.

Trudeau Prepares To Tackle Politics Of Legalizing Pot

CP | Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press | Posted 10.28.2015 | Canada Politics

The first step in that process will be to establish a task force to hear from public health, substance abuse and public safety experts.

Cannabis Oils Ready For Canadian Consumption, Waiting On Approval

CP | Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press | Posted 10.05.2016 | Canada Living

The treatment is for patients who don't want to or can't smoke or vaporize the dried herb.

Vancouver Police Won't Be Health Canada's Muscle

CBC | Posted 09.11.2016 | Canada British Columbia

Health Canada reportedly sent letters warning operators they have two weeks to shut down or face an RCMP crackdown.

Sunny Freeman

Millions Lost As Medical Pot Approvals Fizzle | Sunny Freeman | Posted 01.28.2015 | Canada Business

Health Canada expects to spend more than $2 million this year to review applications from companies vying for entry into the commercial medical mariju...

Health Canada's Anti-Marijuana Ad Makes Dubious Claims

CBC | Posted 02.17.2015 | Canada Politics

Health Canada's latest anti-marijuana ad makes a "scary" claim about lowered IQ that has been widely challenged by researchers, but the campaign went ...

The Internet REALLY Hates Harper Government's Marijuana Ad

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | Posted 11.13.2014 | Canada Politics

The federal government’s latest anti-marijuana ad says the science on the drug is clear. Yet, the Internet's verdict on the ad is even clearer. I...

Sunny Freeman

Health Canada Contradicts Itself In New Anti-Pot Ads | Sunny Freeman | Posted 10.22.2014 | Canada Business

“The science is clear” on the dangers of marijuana, claims a new government ad campaign. But it’s a murky message because when it comes to the m...

Anti-Pot Campaign Isn't About Trudeau: Health Minister

CP | Lee-Anne Goodman, The Canadian Press | Posted 10.18.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Health Minister Rona Ambrose denies the federal government's marijuana awareness campaign is aimed at Justin Trudeau."Telling kids to not smo...

Trudeau: Anti-Pot Ads Prove Gov't Priorities 'In The Wrong Place'

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 10.14.2014 | Canada Politics

SASKATOON - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lashed out Thursday at the federal government over a Postmedia report that Health Canada has approac...

Health Canada Rules Require 6-Year-Old To Smoke Weed

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 07.18.2014 | Canada Business

Liam McKnight was nine months old when he had his first seizure. The six-year-old, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome,...

Sunny Freeman

New Rules Will Force Pot Producers To Turn Over Patient Info | Sunny Freeman | Posted 01.14.2015 | Canada Business

Health Canada is rolling out new regulations that would require medical marijuana companies to provide information about their patients and the doctor...

Sunny Freeman

Medical Pot Is Growing These Penny Stocks | Sunny Freeman | Posted 04.01.2014 | Canada Business

A flurry of Canadian resource exploration companies are abandoning the dream of striking it rich in the gold rush in favour of what they see as the ne...

Pot Prescriptions Will Shift To Doctors

CP | Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.30.2014 | Canada Living

TORONTO - "What about marijuana?"It's a question that likely will soon be posed by a growing number of patients in more and more doctors' offices acro...

Feds Sued Over Medical Pot Changes

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 03.11.2014 | Canada Business

An Ottawa couple is suing the federal government for $6.5 million ahead of Health Canada’s tightening of medical marijuana laws March 31. Accordi...

Canada's Medical Pot Program 'Seriously Compromised,' Feds Warn

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.03.2014 | Canada Business

OTTAWA - The unforeseen growth of the federal medical marijuana program has "seriously compromised" the goal of providing the drug to patients while e...

Sunny Freeman

LOOK: Inside A Legal Canadian Grow-Op | Sunny Freeman | Posted 02.24.2014 | Canada Business

ONE HERSHEY DRIVE, SMITHS FALLS, Ont. — Chuck Rifici is acting like a kid in, well, a chocolate factory. Last September, the CEO of Tweed Inc. wa...

Medical Pot Users Hope Police Turn Blind Eye

CBC | Posted 03.31.2014 | Canada British Columbia

Medical marijuana users in B.C. are hoping new Health Canada regulations requiring cannabis producers and sellers to obtain licenses will not be enfo...

Health Canada's Advice To Destroy Pot Stashes Is Ridiculous

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.15.2014 | Canada Living

OTTAWA - Users of medical marijuana will soon be prohibited from growing their own pot — and the federal government is suggesting they turn to their...

Medical Pot Users Exposed In Government Gaffe

CBC | Posted 01.25.2014 | Canada Politics

Medical marjuana users are accusing the federal government of violating their privacy and jeopardizing their safety after Health Canada sent out lette...

Pot Vending Machines Coming To Canada: Company

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 10.17.2013 | Canada Business

A California company that’s cashing in on the burgeoning medical marijuana business in the U.S. is planning to bring its pot vending machines to Can...

Health Canada Warns Of Synthetic Pot Risks

CBC | Posted 04.29.2013 | Canada

Health Canada has issued a public warning about the risks associated with herbal incense that may give a high similar to marijuana, following a CBC Ne...

New Rules Make Government Pot Growing Ringleaders

CP | Ben Makuch, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.23.2013 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - A veteran marijuana grower in British Columbia says the Conservative government's new medicinal pot system may lead some patients to illicitl...

Another B.C. Medical Pot Grow-Op Shut Down

CBC | Posted 04.18.2013 | Canada British Columbia

The mayor of Port Coquitlam, B.C., says that given what’s happened at a legal medical marijuana grow-op in his community, he's glad changes to the f...